Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double mom and daughter

We had another fairly early morning trot on this CRISP start to the day... I tried to photograph the frosty icy covering on all the brush but it does not truly show up well.

Today - I am back on Keri's back and Zoe has chosen Luna (OYY My Keri Luna) as her mount -- Keri's daughter. So it is doubly Moms, doubly daughters.

Luna is a lovely and only daughter of Keri's - as Zoe is lovely and only for me :) Luna is more beautiful than her Mom - as good breeding should be.. always an improvement. As far as Zoe and I- I'm keeping quiet on that one. .. except I guess we are each equals in beauty in our own unique way :)

The first little beaver pond on the side of the road is pretty well covered in ice.. but trotting along, we don't feel cold at all with the strong sun AGAIN !! Luna has not been out on the roads or trail since this past winter... but she was happy and forward.

So many times on my farm blog, I have mentioned that all the really scary obstacles are in the first mile of road we ride... and at this little farmstead-- we find quite a few of those. Always horses pastured by the side of the road that run the fenceline, call to us-- and now since my neighbor has purchased her long term project and future eventing prospect - a Cleveland Bay X Appendix Cross... we have that silly youngster bucking and farting totally riling up our mounts as we trot past. This is probably the first and only time I have caught him at a standstill !

She also raises turkeys that roam wherever.. often along the side of the roadway pecking at fallen apples. They have a loud gobble when we trot by.

Now this place is well past the first mile mark.. but they are gaining in the obstacle collection and presentation category. These people raise German Shepherds - so have lots of dogs and various kennels and lots of barking. In this area you see here - which used to be a small exercise ring for horses - now I guess is a playground for puppies. Yesterday, there were 9 large pups which all came running up to the fence to jump and wag their tails for us. Today-- I think it's too early for that. Impossible to get a photo yesterday while we had Sweet Bee and Fiona as I had both reins in hand.. no snapping pics.

Awhile back- they cleared some pasture for their horses (yes, more equine fence running here in addition to puppies) and made a sort of quasi- stonehenge. It's kind of nice- but I would not want to mow around it.

The remainder of the journey was uneventful - but delightful.. with lots of trotting and Luna trying out a canter or two- getting a feel for her balance. Keri and I were actually in the lead a goodly part of the time !! But then we pass the spot where there is an old stone wall/waterfall that I ride by all the time -- but never stop and take a close look. Lately, I have been much more motivated to stopping and taking that look, perhaps due to being stuck on the road with hunting season.

We had to walk down a steep bank to get partly into the woods to get the photo's - naturally we wanted an even closer view.

I'd love to know the history on this stone structure -- and ask the builder why :)

Keri and Luna got in the little stream to play -- Luna's first time in water ! She kept scooping up water in her mouth and letting it dribble out. They both splashed a lot.

This was the best part of the trip !

So lots of photo's.

Time to head home for lessons and work... but a great ride on two really wonderful horses ~

Enjoy ~


  1. I loved "going along" with you on this ride. How did your beautiful daughter like riding the personable Luna? She sounds like fun. The stream was beautiful. We don't have iced-over ponds yet, but like you, I am this really November? It's been too warm and even sometimes sunny!

  2. I love riding Luna. She is a beautiful sensible girl-She gave her first lesson today and has shown that she inherited her mother's ability to remain calm and rewarding for her new charge. I could not be more proud of Luna or my mother's wonderful ability to breed for exactly what she wants everytime. Luna is just what she wanted-know she just needs to ride her.


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