Saturday, November 7, 2009

More lessons cancelled and more driving

Seems a lot of people have the "flu" lately - we had several cancellations today (Saturday) due to illness. Dominic's Dad was also home sick on the couch, so Dominic was with Zoe and me again today instead of home with his Papa going to the dump and other stuff kids and Dads do together. So... we fooled around on the farm for a bit - then decided to go for another drive. This time we brought blankets. And Zoe was in charge of photo's today ! :)

Nimue is getting in a routine now and she loves pulling the cart anyway -- she's always ready to come out of the gate.

Nimue is building stamina and kept up a nice steady trot the entire time out. She was able to maintain an average 10 minute mile trot, even with a few interruptions with traffic. A few times we had to pull over for trucks to pass where the road was narrow. I think as we work at it, she'll very easily do a 7 minute mile.

We trotted down Spoonerville Road - where the rushing brook accompanies us on the right.

I was hoping the rushing sounds of the brook would also come in clearly on the little video in addition to the clipping and clopping. But Denise, I forgot the bells !!

This is such a super little pony mare - I am getting attached to her ! But, she is for sale.. so my thoughts last night were, I better get busy and train another one for keeping. Watch for news of that project. :)

Here is a You tube link to another video we did of Nimue in the big ring earlier this week. Again-- Zoe manned the camera, I drove.

Enjoy ~

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