Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Pony of many names and talents :)

One of my absolute favorites on the farm is OYY Salvadore. He's a handsome fellow with many pet names-- we call him Sallywog, SallyMander, or Sally Macaroni (because he's a bit like a little mobster pony). During breeding time- he's the G. Love Special -- like the hip hop blues band. He is named after Dali - but I added an e on the end of his name just to be different.

He's got a special quality that just endears himself to everyone. He's a blast to ride, with his odd smooth but energetic action and he loves to be groomed by anyone-- young children on up.

Zoe and I had some free time Tuesday .. we had planned to ride but her son, Dominic, was home sick from school. So we had to stay around the farm .. where, naturally there are loads of choices to keep us busy. We brought the Sallywog up to have some fun.

Salvadore looks for challenges.. when you are riding him, he's very well behaved but he's still the kind of mount you need to stay 'on him' constantly. Not because he's looking for a spook- but he is looking and possesses a "busyness" in his disposition. His rider needs to support him and keep his thoughts between the reins and your legs. Everything seems to come easily to Salvadore. He's a dream to handle on the ground- respectful and ever grateful and appreciative of being the 'chosen' one - for grooming, riding, or games such as today.

You can see his little "attitude" -- as if.. piece of cake- I can do this. We are teaching him to slow down and think- listen- take time. He could definitely benefit from some meditation :)

Back in July- I posted in my farm blog about a visit from a well known photographer from Saratoga, NY.. Barbara Livingston. She had plans for a project which would be called - Horses In Living Color. She came out on Memorial Day-- photo'd loads of curlies. She is an awesome woman and we so enjoyed her short visit. Recently, she wrote to say a photo of Salvadore is in the book !! How exciting is that ? :)

Just for more fun- here is a few of those pics she took of the show off.

Barbara did get some beautiful posing photo's as well-- Sally does know how to stand still-- but these are the fun ones :)

Enjoy ~


  1. Salvadore must be one of the most beautiful Curlies out there. He has a lot of presence in person, too. The photos are absolutely remarkable! Love the high blacks and the feather, don't you?

  2. Wow, he certainly is a striking looking Curly guy!! Really lovely! I especially like the second pic of him you posted. And great video!, his little hop into and out of the tire along with his absolute confidence over the teeter totter was fun! You've got a really great Curly there and it shows you've been doing great things with him!! Way to go!, keep up the good work! :-)

  3. Love the photos....Salvadore is so handsome.

  4. Terrific pics!! He's so gorgeous.

  5. Thanks again for allowing me to photograph your unbelievably beautiful Salvadore!!!! :) He, and the Arabian stallion Good Thunder, both prove that "bay" can be anything but boring! Oooo laa laaaa!!!

    Not only did Salvadore make the book (two photos), but OYY Sweet Dreams Baby and OYY Ceda did as well - four pages in total. So, thank you, thank you!

    I've been showing the book to people and, when they get to 'your pages,' they inevitably stop in their tracks. They all LOVE the Curlies!

    Thank you again for introducing me to them. I'm now a lifelong fan! :)


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