Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby steps

So...ha ha ha, silly me to think I could jump right into cross-ties with Linus!! (We didn't even attempt it) Linus is a typical "little boy" with horsey ADD as Lynn calls it (PERFECT!!). So, we are working more now on manners and correcting his want to back up while putting his halter on. Also still working on the feet handling too. Can never do too much of that!!!
When it comes to "sacking out" with the carrot stick (mine is black so maybe I will call it a licorice stick?!!?) and rope he is excellent. Doesn't faze him at all. I also purchased him a "stall ball". He LOVES it. It's so funny to watch him kick it around like its a soccer ball. And when it comes to entertainment, I don't know what is funnier to watch; him getting wound up and playing because the calves are or the calves getting wound up and playing because Linus is!!!
He is sleeping outside tonight for the first time since coming home on December 5th. Funny enough, its very mild out for January...if we get any more melting around the farm it's going to be all mucky again!!
We'll see what tomorrow brings!!


  1. I definitely think you should call it a licorice stick! Love it! I think it is cute that Linus plays with a ball in his stall. Typical Curly personality.

  2. I second that...licorice stick it is! You have to love a horse that keeps himself and you entertained! Continue to enjoy whatever tomorrow brings--and don't forget to share!


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