Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing around

a couple days ago we decided to play with Buzz, or junior stallion. He is such a character and really loves his attention. So Kristal laid over his back to start and then I gave her a leg up to sit fully on him, He was sure snelling those things hanging off his side. Wonder if he was thinking "man those things stink!!" He is such a joy in our lives.. He even has a forelock and mane in this!! Yippeee, now lets see if we can keep it!!


  1. lol, Here's hoping the mane + forelock stick around. :D I'm hoping the same thing for Dolly's newly growing mane + tail.

    He's very handsome. :)

  2. Awesome Sheryl and Kristal, looks like he did very well!! Very calm, lovely with his curly mane and forelock...good luck keeping it, Denise's treatment for Curly hair helps, but I've yet to keep Xandra in hers year round!
    Really looking forward to seeing how you progress with Buzz, he's such a cutie right now!! :-)

  3. My Curlies keep a better mane if I can treat them with dermal aide and then keep manes clean. The mane seems to get oily easy and builds up so it's super itchy.

  4. Glad to see you figured out the blog, Sheryl! =] If anyone has family members in the contest with a different email address, I can set them up too, just let me know.

    Heather, I can't keep Zig's mane completely year around with treatments either but he definitely has more tail. He only sheds the top now. =] Extremes are hard because I think we are dealing with genetics, not just environment issues. =]

  5. Welcome Sheryl. Great to talk to you here also. Buzz is as animated as handsome! Looks as though he was more interested in those "stinky" boots then his first mount. Awesome! Love seeing a forelock and mane...ours do well in winter and spring. Sometime during the summer months becomes a challenge, pretty much gone by fall and as Denise stated probably a lot to do with genetics as well...but the dermal aide and oils definitely go a long way to help keep it looking good...as long as you're consistent about it!


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