Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of those days

It all seemed so simple when I set out to do a couple new pics of our filly *C-C Heartfires Spark. Catch the filly, halter her, lead her to our outdoor arena, let her play a bit and catch some fun, exciting pics. But..I was SO wrong. To accomplish this I first had to stall our stallion "Shadow's Hawk Spirit...aka...HeartBreaker. We would be walking through his pasture and I needed him out of the way. Obviously the look on my face said "say away from this person, DO NOT let her bribe you with your breakfast in a different location than usual", I tossed his hay in his open stall and waited. No horse, no noise...I peeked around the corner, he peeked around the other corner...silly boy! so...I got his halter and lead rope and put him in his stall.

Catching Spark today was another matter. She has been standing quietly to be caught,, she decided that play time was better than photo time...and with her counterpart our filly "Kallie" they lapped our indoor arena to get out the happiness. I caught Spark, and headed to the gate. Spark decided that the gate was a safe spot, so she planted herself there for awhile. After convincing her to move, finally we were on our way to our outdoor arena.

Spark trotted around and played a bit, chasing one of our cats, checking out everything in the area. I added an umbrella for play incentive..she saw it, stopped, sniffed it and sombered off. No part of this upset her in any manner.

A job that should have taken 1/2 hour, took a little over 3 hours! But...we made some training progress, with her and Kallie both, so it certainly was not wasted time at all.....

While we were still in the outdoor arena, I sat down to look at my photos. Spark, who has been pretty timid up until now...was standing a few feet away...she slowly approached, step by really was cute! she was being SO brave...and when I stood, I simply clipped the lead rope on, and we had a nice long mannerly walk back to the indoor arena. There are days that do not go as planned, but sometimes you get more reward than you thought was possible!


  1. I LOVE THIS FILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see those sleepy, almond shaped, perfect curly eyes?! Curl - and built like a brick house! She is so what I love in the curly breed! Somebody please buy her --- Reese does not need a playmate! LOL.

    I loved your post, Linda -- gosh, so detailed in presenting her personality --- adorable. She is going to be quite the mare someday.

  2. Thanks Denise! I forgot to mention she *IS* for sale...LOL....

  3. Spark is a cutie and really lives up to her name; you gotta love that! And isn't there a saying about best laid plans? So, even though the day didn't go as planned, you and both fillies received hours of rewarding play--and lesson--time. What fun. Great photos too....I'll imagine there a plenty more you are saving for another venue!?!


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