Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tiny Great American Cattle Drive

We have been very neglectful of posting our horse activities, but will try to improve! Last night, we went on an 2 hour ride to go get our cows, who have been eating at the neighbor's pasture, and trail them home. His place is 2 miles away, and there is a lot of ice from here to there. Dad, Jesse, Carly, and I rode our curlies over. We left about 4:45 and it already was getting dark so we had to trot most of the way. At one point, there were two different groups of horses on each side of the road, and all of our horses wanted to go check the other horses out, but we kept their minds on us. When we got to the cows, a friend and her daughter met us on their horses to help. Heidi's (my horse) and my job was to make sure that the cows didn't go down side roads, so we went and played in snow drifts while we were waiting for the cows. Carly and Breeze pushed the cows from behind (Carly said she would trot Breeze up to the cows, and Breeze would bite them) and brought the stray ones back into the group. Carly talks when she is happy and excited. She talked the whole 2 miles. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get pictures of us actually driving the cows down the road. When we got home we were cold ,but we all had a good time. We're thinking we should just let the cows out from time to time so we could do this again.


  1. That's awesome, Maddy! Great that the kids were involved..I'm impressed with how you kept your horses under control..that's fabulous! The sky looks so cool....BIG Montana Sky! =] Thanks for taking the time to post...tell your kids we want to hear alot from them!

  2. The sky is beautiful!!! Thanks for taking me along on the Tiny Great American Cattle Drive. I think I may have Carly's twin here in Maine...he never shuts a good way. I love to hear him chatter as we ride along, and I always know what he is thinking! ;)

  3. Beautiful pics,yes,i bet you and the hroses enjoyed the cattle drive very much.We did this once and used our standardbred gelding very much afraid of cows,soon enough,he loved driving cattle,good experience for any horse,i think:).


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