Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Ride for 2010!

Finally! Temps in NJ were above normal, so I took advantage of the mild weather and went for a ride. Rah was very excited to "get out" and break up his boring routine.

He did very good despite several startled steps from rustling squirrels, birds in bushes and farm tractor noise. I just don't understand, Rah is immune to all this when he is inside his paddock. But when I take him out, he's a little "nervous".

Last week I did some ground training by walking him in and out of our new garage. Each time he'd walk in, walk around several times and then stand, he would get a treat or a
scratch. Don't you know that when I rode him past the garage, he wanted to walk in! Guess he thought he was going to get a treat!


  1. He's pretty looking.

    I like how dry your roads seem at the moment.

    That sounds like a good way of getting him used to the garage. :)

  2. Hello Michelle, glad to finally meet you and Rah! You make a nice looking team. But where is all the snow??? LOL! You just never know if those rustling leaves are hidden tigers waiting to pounce. He's just feeling a bit out of his safety zone (his paddock.) It will get better with practice. Looking to read more of your and Rah's outings.

  3. Hi Michelle!! Welcome! What a beautiful gelding Rah is -- I had to look up his pedigree. =] Is Rah your only curly? I swear these curlies will do anything for a treat! lol. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  4. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement! Yes Denise, Rah is my only curly. I would love to have 10 more! This breed is truly amazing!

  5. Tina Adams/Willow Creek CurlysFebruary 5, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    Michelle, Hi there! I found Rah on the Brindle reg. site and what a suprise! there is another brindle curly out there! Was he born at your place? did he have the brindle markings when he was born or did he develope them as he aged?
    I have a dun curly who is coming 3 that was not born with her markings but has developed them more with each spring shedding. Id love to chat with you!


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