Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stella's Latest Adventure I

Yesterday my mom, my sister, and I went out for another ride in our pasture! The horses where worn out within 10 minutes of riding. It was such a warm and sunny day, the horses' coats were making them really hot! My mom (Laura), riding Wyoming, figured this one out.

My sister, Josalynn, riding Lady, didn't get any RAC points. So, she ponied Franky, Lady's baby from 2 years ago. He is currently under going training so is getter used to having people above him.
We rode down inside a ditch, crossed a stream, and even I got brave enough to jump my feminine Stella.

At the end of our ride, Josalynn, Mom and I, took turns walking the horses through our tractor tire. I have been working on Stella to get all four of her feet in the tire at once. We finaly got that accomplished yesterday!

Stella had some friends bugging her, so she decided to bring the pictures to a hault.

Later, after the horses were untacked, Mom and I were playing with Stellas belly, brushing, and stroking her soft, fine, hair. The last time we went in the woods, Stella didn't try to run over the saplings like she usually does. We weren't at all conserned until I went to rub her belly, like she loves, and she jerked back on the rope, and flenched away from my hand. Mom tried also. The same reaction. We started pushing, lightly, on the sides of her belly. We felt something roll around inside her. Getting curious, we moved to different positions around on her belly. The baby, hopefully, was getting very active, and Stella, (the soon to be mom), was confused, and upset. So we stopped torturing my girl, and gave her some Red L, and grain for a Good Night snack.


  1. Great job, Jadie!!!

    For those of you that don't know, Jadie was our RAC Grand Champion in the Youth 12 and under group last year!! She has done all the training on Stella by herself.

    Jadie, so great that you got your mom and sister out with you to mess with the horses. Looks like fun!!

  2. Jadie, congratulations in three areas!! RAC Grand Champion, the wonderful job you have done training Stella, and your upcoming "grandmama" status - and all at such a young age! ;) You must be excited about the upcoming baby. I love the photo that shows all four feet in the tire. I am very impressed.

  3. Great job Jadie! Completely inspiring!

  4. Fantastic Jadie! Fabulous work with Stella. You should be very proud of your accomplishments!!! I too am very impressed with all four feet in the tire. COOL. When is Stella due to foal? I just love having foals around and am so excited for you.


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