Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working on improving our Ground Work Skills

Hello Curly Friends,

I have enjoyed reading about everyone's wonderful adventures this month and love getting to know each horse's personality. While we, at Golden Curls Ranch, have been trying to keep up with our "its never a dull moment" weather in Texas our Curlies have been working on ground work skills.

I keep telling our stallion Chester even the most handsome Curly one must stand like a gentleman when having his feet cleaned. Oh, by the way, our sweet little Jenny, Sarita, likes to help when we pick Chester's feet.

All our hard work has paid off and Chester was a dream when the vet came out yesterday to do everyone's vaccinations and Coggins.

Chester and I are hoping to enter shows this year so the ground work will help us be better prepare.

We are also working on our Showmanship techniques and Cinnamon River has the turn and trot back to his spot down pat. Beautiful fella he is and when that long flaxen mane is flying in the air it makes my heart skip a beat. A few weeks ago a fella wanted to buy this wonderful gaited MFT/Curly cross and I just could'nt part with someone who is better than a psychiatrist when I need someone to listen to my troubles.

In addition to entering horse shows, State Fair and Expos this year, we have acquired a cart and will be working on learning to drive. While this is not under our RAC ground training division we (all creatures including me) need to understand stand means stand and ....whoa means whoa {:>

Best wishes and may your rides be full of Curls.... Angie


  1. Angie, so nice to hear from you! If you have been doing ground training, then your time has certainly been well spent. I look forward to hearing your cart adventures.


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