Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful Winter Ride

Today we crossed the road and went on a couple of snowmobile trails, since my neighbor kindly invited me to ride through his yard to avoid the ice. The weather was primo, and my Curly was well-behaved, yet again!I started off by leading him to make sure the footing was good and that he was going to be on his best behavior, because the neighbor kids were sliding down the very same hill we were were riding on.

Some of the trailed were groomed.
Many of the trails were not, but a snowmobile or two had passed this way.
On a few of the trails, we were just following deer tracks.

AhD was very good natured about everything. On my "Running Hill," the trails were groomed, so I took a video! I am winning no awards for cinematography, that's for sure, but hopefully I will do better next time. I have no sound for my video, and since I can't see a dang thing through the teensy lens that does not light up, I just held the camera up over his neck to pointed it forward. Might make you a little dizzy...

Wild! Hey, how do you like his curly mane? I gave myself and AhD the same beauty treatment today. We both got a trim to cut off the scraggly ends and some jajoba oil added to our curls. Thanks, Denise, for letting us know about the oil! It makes AhD's mane soft and healthy.

My awesome neighbors were snowblowing off their pond for skating. My Didder looked, but then paid it no mind. What a good boy!

We rode all the way down to the sandpit, which is much more beautiful when it is covered with snow. It was hard work slogging through the deep snow, and Mister was getting tired, so we headed home. Both horses got a good workout, and Ian and I sure had a wonderful ride. I am very please with how my Didder has been behaving this year, with seven out of eight rides very postive. And I even had fun on the un-positive one. :) I am following very good advice that I have received on this blog of riding in the "now," controlling speed, no leaf snatching, getting AhD in tune to me before hopping on, and TONS of other EXCELLENT tips. Love this blog! Oh, and I sang "Blue Skies" to AhD today as we rode along. He must be my best critic, because I think he actually enjoyed it! :) Happy Trails!


  1. My palms sweat everytime I see video while cantering! Good job, Susan!! We need to get one of those helmet cams - much safer! If you search youtube you will find some great info and video done with helmet cams..very fun. Just $60 bucks and you can have TWO hands on the reins! =]

    The only video I have done while moving was trotting home on the CTR...which was awesome...nice forward pace, loose rein....fabulous. I long to do that again this year. Its so hard holding the camera though. =]

    You have made awesome strides with AHD these past few years, so happy the RAC blog has inspired you - because heaven knows, you have inspired us!!

    Thanks for always sharing!

  2. I have to say ditto to all of Denise's comments! I am thrilled and yet almost have to close my eyes when i think about trying to operate a camera and canter! And all the beautiful pictures! They make me lecture myself about being less wimpy - I just HATE the wind! Keep up the good riding!


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