Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sun and snow again

Wednesday ~

SUN !! a brilliant day - Zoe and Elektra, Keri and I and Kelli (a non-RAC'er, one of our center volunteers ) and Fiona trot out to enjoy the special bright blue sky and warm sun rays.

Keri is in an excellent mood - come on girls- catch up !

One of my neighbors stops for a quick roadside chat. Seems when you live in the country - that's how neighbors catch up and say hi. The horses were making nervous as they wanted to stick their heads into his truck for a more intimate up close HELLO :) That ride was just heaven - BUT..

The one sunny day was almost an anomaly - We are still out on the roads trotting but now in snowy squalls and dismal skies again. Oh well.. at least we are trotting with an occasional canter.

You can see when Elektra is out and about - she is still in training... while Keri, if she wishes, she can trot with donkey ears and stretched low and long. Well, she will suffer in the end I guess as she ages... she won'thave as trim a figure as Elektra, who learns to travel with her tummy tucked up.

Even though the sun is visually 'there' - it's more of a dying ember than the ball of fire it's supposed to be. The photo's don't show, but it's snowing pretty hard - very small stinging flakes.. when we trot and canter - our faces are, WOW, cold and the flakes feel like they are cutting into our cheeks and eyes. Just adds to the fun :)

We did not have much time- as we went out in between lessons - so all we got to do was trot the 6 mile loop. But - it was refreshing despite the weather. The last leg of the trip- we follow our hoofprints back home.
Today is already Saturday again... I am not sure where we are going today for our ride- the forecast is not promisingly pleasant. Oh well.. we'll figure something out.
Enjoy ~


  1. Betsy, I'm so glad Mother Nature offered you up a bit of sunshine! Loved your photos as usual and enjoyed your comment, "so all we got to do was the six mile loop." Six miles in frigid winter weather!!! Yee-haw, Mountain Woman! But, now wait a minute...Keri is beautiful, and I don't see any donkey ears. It is supposed to be cold here today, too, but I just HAVE to fit in a small ride anyway, perhaps a mile or two, but certainly not SIX. :)

  2. Hi Betsy! "SUN" that was a beautiful way to begin your ride...very uplifting for everyone. Susan said it all "Yee-haw, Mountian Woman!" The only stinging snow I've felt is while on the quad going up to the blacktop to get the mail! I'm still working on getting back into the saddle, so it will be awhile before I get up to six miles, much less some of your amazing treks...LOL! Love your adventures, short and long. Your scenery with or without the sun is breathtaking!

  3. I like your photos - they do look very cold, even with the 'sun'.


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