Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Hampshire Ride

New Hampshire Ride

Hi Everyone,

Miss D and I made it out again this weekend.  (Yesterday was much nicer than it was today.)  We're expecting a nasty wintery mix this evening - and then rain!  I'm not looking forward to the mess that will likely create.  

Thanks for the support and advice about Miss D's (Deams) pregnancy.  I do have the book mentioned along with many others.  I really do appreciate any and all advice you have to share.

More about my situation:

I have a new barn (still somewhat under construction).  I currently have  about 2+ acres of semi-cleared space fenced in with electric tape. 

 In mid-March/early April  we, in New Hampshire, experience "mud season".  My vet seemed quite concerned about the area I have and the potential problem of mud.  He  does not want me using electric tape ... So... suggested that I get a round pen - or something like that  for the paddock  space.  (Felt it could be moved if necessary.)

My questions:
How concerned should I be about mud ?

Should I bring my horse to a friend's barn - where the conditions may be a little better to have her foal?  

If so, how long would you suggest that she stay there?  (Would need to trailer - etc.)

Is there something reasonable and inexpensive (like sand or something) that I could/should use to prep the paddock area  - to help control the mud) *Money will be getting tight - especially if I need to purchase a round pen.  

My stall is newly constructed (by my husband) - The walls extend all the way to the ground with no gaps for little hooves to get caught.  Are there other considerations for the stall I should be aware of?  

Do you suggest a heat lamp?

I am a teacher, and plan to take the day off when Deams has her baby - will that be sufficient - or will I need to take more time (to be here all day long) for the first few days (or more)?  

I know I will need to have her flank and udder washed down, and tail wrapped.  Is there a typical routine one takes (considering the time of year) in hopes or having mom ready for the baby?  I don't want to keep prepping her every day for 3+  weeks if not necessary.    

I will have a foaling kit on hand, foal size halter and blanket, towels, telephone numbers (vet), and straw bedding .  
Farnam -  Horse VSI Foaling Kit

Do you suggest getting a foal predicting kit?  How does this work?  Are they accurate?  

What else?  Any and all advice and information will be greatly appreciated.  

FYI:  Deams has had one successful pregnancy and (from what I understand) was a good mother.

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  1. Miss D is a beautiful mare. The foal predictor strips work using a few drops of the mare's milk. Mares can be very tricky, going into labor and foaling in the middle of night. The roundpen would be a much smaller area, wouldn't you have to move it often?


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