Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maine Winter Wonderland Ride

Another WONDERFUL ride! It has been snowing on and off for several days now, making our wood trails a winter wonderland. It was oh so beautiful. It's snowing, and AhD was ACTUALLY IN A GOOD MOOD. Ripley's Believe It or Not...but I did my prep work first and am now almost daring to think...have I found the key to being a better leader for AhD??? Perhaps he has decided to turn a new leaf in 2010.
Ian accompanied us on Mister Man. Our horses ended up looking like bay Appaloosa's with blankets due to the snow-laded hemlock branches, and we looked like abomidable snowmen. We followed the same trail I took yesterday, keeping to roughly the same track to keep the trail open for more riding ~ hopefully tomorrow because I have made a riding date already! ;) Yesterday I didn't let AhD trot at all, but today we did some b-i-g snow trots and gallumphy snow canters. FUN! Oh, and I think the best part was that when Ian went on up ahead with Mister at a trot and I asked AhD to stay at a walk, OMG he did!!! Only one small fake spook today, and it was half-hearted at best. I quietly made him turn eight circles going both directions and that was the end of that. I am so pleased with my handsome and personable Curly boy!


  1. Susan, GREAT job being AHD's leader!! I find it so interesting that it isn't that hard, we just need to be CONSISTENT. =] I am so excited for you --- what a wonderful ride you had with Ian.... It was 0 deg today...Tracy and I were able to go for a 20 min WALK on foot and barely could stand it. Please send that weather west! =]

  2. Susan,
    It sounds as though you and AhD have a great relationship. You must be very proud on him and yourself.
    Also looks like a great ride. We had 34 below this morning so moving around was kinda slow.
    Like reading your blogs please keep up the great work

  3. Susan,
    You and AhD are my role models. I love your connection and hope to find that special place with my stallion, Chester.


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