Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short But Sweet

Had an awesome easy-going trail ride on AhD today. He was a complete peach, even though I didn’t do any groundwork beforehand. I could tell he was going to be eeeasy when I collected him from the paddock, where he was relaxing with his companion. I rode him bareback through the deep snow, accompanied by my son Ian on Mister Man. I had been thinking about going for a ride all morning, but had other obligations, so when a window of opportunity arose before I had to leave again, I was all over it.
The days are getting longer! The sun was getting ready to set, and the sky was beautiful. My Curly’s back was toasty warm, and his attitude was sweet. Yes, SWEET! He didn’t try to dump me once, he did no fake spooks, he didn’t kick the dog, and he didn’t even do a single scoot. I might not have recognized him had it not been for those beautiful curls. Because his attitude was wonderful, I gave him a lot of leeway on where to hold his head, and sometimes he had it just skimming over the snow, which was knee deep in most places and deeper in some. I gave him no leeway whatsoever on speed, however, and kept him at a walk. The moon was out by the time we headed back. It was an absolutely beautiful ride, and I felt very peaceful as I quickly headed to the house and flew down to the church supper…completely forgetting that I had been riding bareback in those jeans. Oh, well, just a little country church. Nobody complained and my hubby sure got a kick out of it.


  1. Hey Susan! What a great ride - bareback too?! That's awesome! So fun to have Ian with you again too. I can totally related to the jeans and church supper -- !! our town would have let me get away with that too, gotta LOVE small towns!

  2. And, the thing is, I wasn't just eating...I was SERVING. oops.

  3. Hay Tilley! Sorry it took me so long to post here. Sounds like a fab ride for a cowgirl and her trusty steed of toasty curls. You both look so content together. Love the fact that you forgot to change outta your jeans!!! I am sure you had a good laugh along with Dana. Until next time....


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