Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back In the Swing of Things

My beautiful Curly boy was back into the swing of things today. We had a nice ride accompanied by my Lab Grace. Yesterday’s ride was a different story, and in fact we did an imitation of The Man From Snowy River down a deeply snowed in trail; I realized that GROUNDWORK BEFOREHAND was missing from the formula and threw that back in today.
Didder started out with a very haughty attitude, even more pronounced than yesterdays, but we worked through it. Grace was a big help, because AhD was oh so sorely tempted to chase her, but I made him pay attention to me instead.

By the time we were saddled up and out on the trail, AhD and Grace were buds.
We had a beautiful sunny sky, although the temps probably didn’t reach 20 degrees, it was certainly not Brie’s 15 below! Egads!
My Wigwam socks that are so toasty tucked into my Muck boots kept my toes fairly warm, but I don’t know what I would recommend for temperatures 30 degrees colder! We rode Jason’s Loop with a few variations.
We followed a deer trail into the woods and off the beaten track.

We went by the culverts that in previous years were scary horse eating objects. Now, they are just culverts!
Today, when we heard a "snap" in the woods and AhD stood at attention, we did a few circles and then I dismounted for a session in backing out of my space. Ears and eyes back on me, I mounted up. AhD leaned around and nuzzled my boot like the sweet boy he can be. What a special guy he is! We saved the new wing where we had a MAJOR attitude problem yesterday for last on today’s ride. I loved today’s ride. Even though I had no human company, I had my handsome Curly steed and my joyful dog Grace and was not lonely in the least!


  1. Marvelous! I wish I got out there like you do! :D

  2. That a way Tilly! Nice blue skies, temps that weren't too terribly cold (not too cold for some), deep snow, an attentive steed and Grace running by your side...close to perfection for this time of year and some well deserved quiet time. What? No Snowy River imitations today? How did that steep hill slide go? Not as much fun as yesterday, aye? Nothing for me to report today...maybe tomorrow. But love riding thru you!

  3. Lol, it was 15° ABOVE when I rode; don't worry, I'm not THAT brave!

  4. I like Ah D's color very much,bays are handsome.May i ask who his sire and dam are?So he is a little like our Jo you said right?Still looks like you and him had a very nice ride in the snow and groundwork and rides are good for AhD,hehe.


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