Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring In Winter

Got home from work this afternoon, ran upstairs (3 flights) shrugged into my breaches, raced back downstairs, pulled on my boots, jogged outside, snagged my gear from the tack room, and met Lyra at the gate for another ride. And I do mean that I met her at the gate, she saw me coming from across the way, abandoned her round bale and companions, and met me at the gate, it was lovely of her!
Today we continued with a lot of walking. Really working on trying to get Lyra to relax through her top line, work from my inside leg to outside hand, have nice walking steps pushing through her top line, and working on balance. Lyra has a tendency to tighten up, through her head up in the air, and well, do the upside down neck game, which I'm a particular NON-fan of, so we are working on it. Today she managed quite a few strides with me getting to completely release her inside rein. She also followed my hand down rather well, especially towards the end of the ride. We are both a work in progress, but getting better with practice. I hope we can ride again tomorrow, lots happening though, so we shall see. :-)

Brandon and Dorothy swapped off on the camera (which I think actually worked to make for a not as wonderful as last time ride, since I was a bit tense with getting talked at for angles for light purposes, rather than just focusing on Lyra, good to keep in mind for next time, good to have a couple pics though, will help with my before and after reality checks in a couple of months when I feel discouraged that we've accomplished so little.) All in all, I had a great time with Lyra and am really looking forward to our continued rides. Looking into taking a few lessons myself with a local dressage trainer here, hoping that will help Lyra and I, might even see about getting Lyra over there for a little training herself, will see about that one...
Hope everyone else had a great day!!
PS As you can see in the one pic, we're starting to see green again, it was close to 50 and somewhat sunny intermixed with overcast today, Spring on the way so soon?, Dare I Hope???


  1. Great pictures! She is soo curly. It's really cute. I'm very envious of the green poking through!

  2. Can't believe you are talking about spring -- it just becamse winter.. we have 4 more months of this's just the beginning :) great photo's heather.

  3. Lyra is adorable in those curls! Your purple top and that nice background brings out all her lovely gray hues..nicely done. That green does make for some jealous riders in the snow is a spruce or pine tree! But something to look forward to--after mud season!:~) Try limiting your photographers to the beginning or end of your riding session (or suggest candid shots) and you will be thrilled with the having both a relaxing ride and memorable photos to track your progress....

  4. I agree with Betsy. I think we should banish your photos from this blog until March! Seriously, your photos are spectacular and clear as a bell. Love them! I am enjoying my winter riding through deep snow, though... I think Denise has influenced me with her Winter Riding is Best attitude. Oh, also..AhD tends to be heavy in my hands and unresponsive to my leg for the first 20-30 mins of my rides. Any suggestions for me? (esp since I turn into an icicle at about an hour out).

  5. I love dressage so that sounds like interesting work you're doing with Lyra. And I agree with everyone else--those are *gorgeous* photos and the green makes me happy, and cranky with our own cold weather here!

  6. Wow,Heather,looks like you really have spring there already,lucky you:).We are still fighting our way through big snowdrifts here but it was warm today too and the snow was starting to melt.Lyra is very cute and has gorgeous curls,i do like grey horses too.Have fun riding:)


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