Wednesday, January 6, 2010

little black things??

Greetings! Forgive the delay in starting my blog...I had to go through setup before beginning since I am a newbie to the competition, blogging and Curlies!! My curly is actually a smooth-coated Curly named Linus (HCH Make My Day) Linus is 7 months old so we are doing groundwork. I say "we" because I am learning all of this as well! He' s a great partner, but oh so curious about EVERYTHING!!
Today was finally safe enough to take Linus outside after having some on and off freezing rain over the last few days. What a performance it was!! Dancing, snorting, bucking and then he noticed that most of the cows outside now have calves so that was a whole new mystery for him!! Mini black fuzzy things to gawk at!
Once he settled in we worked on respecting my space, focus and picking up his feet. He is getting very good with his front feet. We also practice every day that he back up when I put his feed in his pail. We kept our session short and sweet today. Once he was back inside and bedded down my 18 month old son came to see him. Linus gets all gaga when Owen is there. The head drops and he half falls asleep while Owen rubs his head and says his name over and over and over...they get to grow up together. They'll have quite a bond in a few years!!
Next lesson: cross-ties! Sweet dreams Linus!!


  1. Welcome Donna and Linus to the RAC! It is awesome to see your post! We look forward to watching Linus grow in mind and body!

  2. Donna-

    I can't wait to here about the adventures you and Linus have as he is the grandson of one of our mares Lilly. We always love to hear and see what "family members" are doing if he is anything like the rest of his famiy the twoof you will be doing a ton and having a blast.


  3. Hello Donna, Linus and Owen! Welcome to RAC and the world of curlies from all of us at the Big Sky Ranch. Anxiously awaiting stories and learning of your progress with Linus. I can only imagine the smiles and contentment between Owen and Linus...(pictures always appreciated!:~)...their special bond will last a lifetime.

  4. Donna,
    So nice to meet you and Linus. I look forward to hearing more about your Curly adventures.

  5. Donna,
    Sounds like you are doing wonderful things with Linus, really looking forward to future posts about him, along with pics!!! :-) So glad your son gets along so well with him, although I've found, all of my curlies seem to have a particular soft, and well behaved, spot for the little ones!!

  6. That sounds absolutely adorable.
    I wish I could see my two girls around cows!! :D


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