Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lakota's Busy Day

Hello all,

Yesterday, Lakota and I had a very busy day. First, everyone was treated to that yummy Apple Flavor worming paste. Well, everyone thought it was OK except for Lakota. He refused to touch it until I gave him some grain to go with it. Then, he acted like it the greatest stuff since sliced bread or sweet grain.
Next, everyone had their hooves picked. All the rain has made for messy hooves and I want to stay on top things before anyone gets thrush. Lakota tried to tell me he could not stand on three feet. I explained that he should watch Golden Red and Salsa (Jenny) they can stand on two feet when they are jousting in the pasture. 

Around 2:00 pm a good friend called and said she was taking a "daycation" and we decided the best way to spend it was to ride our loved ones. So Lakota followed me to the trailer sniffing everything very carefully along the way. He decided the grain in the bin was the same as he had munched on earlier and after about ten minutes of chatting all of his 1300 pounds were in the trailer and he was rocking. We headed down the road and I was happy that I had changed out the chains to heartier duty ones a few weeks before.

When we arrived Lakota was amazed at the place. Well, anyone would be....my friend has the biggest heart for BIG Dogs and she has a el grande Massif, a pit bull, a mixed pit, an English Massif and a teeny, tiny Doberman named Hank. Hank is my buddy and he always want to go for a ride with me. I babysit him a lot so he knows where I stop for treats. Soon as Lakota takes note of the BIG Dogs the neighbors seven Arabians come running over to great him. All of my Curlies snort when they first encounter something new and Lakota was snorting up a storm. Next, Cheetoe, a Curly pony my friend adopted for her granddaughter comes over and he and Lakota seem to have a lot to chat about. Next, the perfect "my little pony" white mini with a long flowing mane and two handsome bay Quarter Horses, Cash and Fly all exchange greetings with Lakota.

My friend and I were discussing the different ways we lunge our horses and I was trained to use a long lunge line and whip (an aid - or additional length to your arm - never to use as  - well, a whip ....just to wave). She showed me with Lakota how she does it in the round pen without a line or whip. They did great and I learned a lot especially about how well trained our handsome Lakota is. Also, I think both techniques have advantages and disadvantages...I would love to have you share your thoughts because I am always hoping to learn more about working with our Curlies.

After a bit, my friends sister-in-law came over riding her handsome sorrel Quarter Horse, Beau-Dean, bare back. Both of my friends are long time horse ladies and barrel racers so they could ride with their eyes closed. After a few minutes walking and trotting my sweet man, Lakota sits down, yes, just sits down. Now, in all the years I have ridden horses I have never had one to sit down with me but after all we did yesterday Lakota was just ready to call it a day. He did not roll and I stepped off without an incident. I did get back in the saddle just to make sure we all agreed when it was time to call it day. 

Best wishes to all and may your rides be filled with Curls and good friends.



  1. Oh Angie what an exciting day! Lakota is a very handsome big boy and quite the character as well! Sociable and opinionated. LOL! You must have a riot with him...had me giggling. I can't believe he called it a day by sitting down. Hysterical!:~) Thanks for sharing, and waiting to hear of Lakota's next adventure.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! You're very lucky to have such knowledgeable friends right there helping you out; I know I love it when there's other people i can get together with and ride.

    I've done some round penning the way Monty Roberts does it--the Join up stuff with no whip, and I've also done traditional lungeing and now I do Parelli wtuff where it's called 'circle game' and the emphasis is on keeping their minds tuned in and not doing too many circles in the same direction at the same pace.

    I agree with you that each method has it's own strengths and weaknesses. I think for Sage I like Join Up or Circle Game the best. For some horses I feel one or the other works better depending on their temperaments.

    Lol, we had a funny rolling incident the other day, both horses just dropped and rolled in deep snow and we were leading them across a field...but luckily we weren't on them yet.

    I think sitting down like that probably indicates that either the saddle was getting uncomfortable for Lakota OR he was getting ITCHY!!! Lol...my money's on the itchy. ;)



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