Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Riding - snow, ice and more snow

Zoe and I have been getting in rides whenever we can. Lately, we are back to extremely slippery roads. The back roads are getting much more narrow as well.. and now when we meet big trucks - it's hard to find the shoulder... it's a fine line between good footing and slipping into the ditch :)

We have had quite a January thaw, which seems to have made the roads worse.

The weather is still crazy.. one day we had gorgeous sun .. and then - BOOM, blizzard for an hour which left 6 inches of powder on the ground.

Jen and OYY Ivan join us during the week sometimes. She won't be moving her new mount until spring.

We've only had one really good canter recently and that was during one of our night rides ! :) I was hoping fo rmore of a view - but too dark. Winter Dancer calls us as we approach the driveway home.. and you can kind of see the solar lights at the end of the road.

great to see so many riders out and about !!

enjoy ~


  1. The blind video was cool! I can't believe you are cantering at night. Loved hearing you walk, then trot, then canter. Made me smile. Also, isn't the snow stuck to the tree limbs sooo beautiful!

  2. Ok, so now I KNOW you are much braver than me! =] Loved the video!! Beautiful photos too - too bad the ice was a problem, that's really hard to deal with, I know. I wish it would just get cold and stay cold, quite honestly..this thaw, freeze makes for not so great footing sometimes.


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