Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riding in the dark (almost)

Does anyone else get the winter blahs? Like...4 or 5 days in a row where you think about riding or going to the barn, but cuddling up on the couch in front of the TV just sounds so much better?

I've been feeling that way...

But today I had to go feed the horses anyways, so I went, and then was so excited to arrive at the barn after work and realize it was still a tiny bit light out.

So quick as I could I changed into my winter breeches and went out to play with Sage!

We did some at liberty work for a few minutes, sending him off at a trot or canter and then disengaging his hindquarters and bringing him back into me. Practicing backing up and coming in at liberty...

When I was convinced he was ready I put his halter and 12' rope on him and hopped on. He used to be terrible about standing at the mounting block and would swing sideways; started with the remnants of a sacroiliac injury and then became a bad habit. Last session we worked on him standing still quite a bit and apparently the lesson really stuck!! Today I was trying to send Sage in a figure 8 around the 2 big blue buckets we use as mounting blocks and he absolutely refused to move forward and got really grumpy. Took me a minute to realize what was going through his head--he thought I was 'tricking him' into moving after 'yelling' at him so much NOT to move last time...

So I laughed and got on and off we went through the deep snow. We just walked, as we are having warmer temps which is making the snow very wet and then we were riding in almost total darkness. (Need to put a headlamp on my helmet!)

Not a very long ride, we just practiced our one rein steering, but I felt 10 times better when we were done and headed back up to the barn, and certainly it's a lesson to me that giving into those winter blahs doesn't make them go away! Riding does!

Happy trails everyone, stay warm!


  1. Hi Brie! Isn't it amazing what a little ride on a curly will do for your winter blahs disposition?!?!? I LOVE Sage's response to the mounting buckets... only a curly! I sure got a good laugh out of that.

    Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable ride. Personally I love to ride at night; preferably with a full moon and a light snow fall of course. LOL!

  2. Brie, you are starting out 2010 with a bang, good for you!! I think we all have those days where it takes alot of motivation to ride. =] You are not alone! It sure can improve your mood, that's for sure. Sage is such a cutie!!!!

  3. I COMPLETELY understand those blah times. For me, just about every day is like that - I wouldn't ever get out of bed if I didn't make myself.

    I love the picture of Sage. :)

    That's really cool how he responded to the mounting blocks. :)

  4. Brie, you REALLY have an insight into your horse...and mine! I completely relate to your posts. These Curlies are just so very clever and keep us on our toes. ;) By the way, on today's ride, I was careful not to nag, and it worked well for me. I just plain did not allow AhD to be heavy in my hands nor to ignore my leg, and it worked right away. Thanks!

  5. Lesly :D glad that made you laugh, certainly Sage makes *me* laugh more than any other horse I've known. This fall when my mother's new barn was being built Sage 'helped' the construction workers every day. And since then they've been having their new house painted and now Mom tells me all the painters come to her with Sage stories. I just love this breed.

    And I hope to ride at night more often from now on.

    Thanks Denise, it's certainly a lot easier to ride at my mom's new property, and the deep snow/ lack of ice is definitely a help too.

    Amber, I'll make myself go to the barn if you will. ;)

    Susan, thank you! That's one of the nicest compliments anyone's given me. I do try to be a human who is quite aware of, and respectful towards, her horse. Sage appreciates that in a human. So glad the NOT micromanaging thing was helpful for you, it was a revalation for me too.


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