Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi All,

Another great ride today.  Not as nice as yesterday - but not bad. 

I'm looking to hook up with someone who is familiar with pregnant mares and new babies.  
My mare is expecting a foal the first week in April - I've been told (and have read) that it's fine to ride her right on through her pregnancy.  She seems to love going out - and doesn't seem to be straining in any way (that I can tell).  Is there anything I should be aware of - or concerned about?


  1. Hi there!
    I ride my mares until they tell me they've had enough! Some will go as long as just a month before foaling, others have had it at the beginning of the last trimester. If your mare is fit and happy, the exercise will do her a world of good! Just be observant and so long as she's her usual happy self, keeping riding!!
    Looking forward to seeing that foal. Who is the sire?

  2. I have to agree with Lynn...she will let you know if she's had enough--and that exercise will be great for her, and the foal. Can't wait to see pictures of your foal!


    Thanks for the feedback - very helpful!

    The stallion's name is Peter Lakota - He's a looker.

    I'm very excited - but a little nervous. (Can't imagine how I'll be by the end of March....)

  4. Congrats on the expected foal!!! Can't wait to see pics!! As has already been said, your mare will let you know when she's had enough. I rode three of my four expecting mares this last year, they foaled in mid-July through August. The exercise was wonderful for them and I firmly believe that it made each of their foalings easier being in such better shape. They each let me know when they'd had enough though, which was about the beginning of their third trimester, of course, that could have had something to do with me feeling guilty about cinching up the girth on their showing bellies. I did ride bareback fairly frequently up to about a month before they foaled and then it just felt, well, not right, so I stopped all together. It takes an aweful lot of calories and puts some strain on their backs carrying such a large "passenger" all the time. Once the foals arrived, it seemed they all had enough to do with feeding their foals, that I've only now begun riding them again, although we've done some in-hand exercises prior to. I think it helps the foals to see their Dams worked with.
    So... Good Luck with continuing to ride your mare, let us know how it goes for you and please, please, please, post pics when the foal arrives!!!! :-)

  5. Deb, is this you? You didn't sign your name so I was on a mission to figure it out! Is this Deams you are riding? (pinto). I am so excited for you about your upcoming foal and Peter is one of my favorite stallions!!! I met Curly Tom, his sire years ago and he was amazing - so calm and gentle. Great to see your posts and awesome to have you with us this year!

  6. Hi Denise,

    I'm not terribly use to the "Blog" thing.... yes the pinto is Deams. I love my girl - but would love to have Peter's calm and gentle personality transfer over to the baby.

    I'm getting very excited - I can't wait to see what the baby will look like.

    Thanks for creating this wonderful site! I'm having a blast!

  7. If Peter is anything like his brother *Moonshadow, then that foal should have a phenomenal temperament. I can't say enough good things about the 3 foals we've had by *Moon - the dams have very different temperaments, some better than others, and the foals have all inherited that trademark *Curly Tom nature!


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