Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On crutches, but planning for the year

In early November I twisted my knee and am still on crutches. I thought I would be on crutches for about a month, as so signed up for the RAC. It has been over eight weeks now. I will have to have an MRI to see how bad the damage to the cartilege is. I am still confident that I will be able to put in some serious hours in this year.

I am planning for the year. We have three major events scheduled. The first will be in Colorado at the beginning of May, then in June in Ohio, and finally in Saskatchewan in August. Our curlies will be center stage in helping emotionally damaged children heal. Our curlies are so attentive to the children; they respond to their emotions, but then calm down when they do. I run a program called Equine Facilitated/Experiential Bonding at family camps for difficult kids. I also teach my methods with our curlies as our co-therapists.

In October, 2009 I was blessed to purchase my dream girl Sally from Brad and Sis Hammack. Sally is a big girl standing at 16.2 hh. I was so thrilled to be able to ride her once. I then twisted my knee. I was so disappointed. :(

As soon as my husband can clear some snow I will get out and do some ground training, eventhough I am on my crutches. I am really looking forward to this. I hope he has a chance to do it by this weekend. I miss my Curly kisses.

We have ten horses; seven are curlies.


  1. Marie, you must be suffering from serious Curly Withdrawl! Don't let it get you down; I am sure you will get out there soon. Looking forward to hearing from you when you can ride again.

  2. Marie, glad to see you were able to figure out the blog thing. =] So sorry to hear about your knee! Wishing you a speedy recovery and that your hubby can clear some snow so you can report on your horsey activities soon!

  3. Hi Marie! I understand your missing "curly kisses" first hand and that where curlies are involved, there is a way through any issue! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your husband gets some snow cleared for you and you can enjoy some curly fun. Hmmm, you don't need crutches once you're in the saddle--but don't stress that knee either! Sending you healing vibes from IL...


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