Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day ride 2010 !

Zoe and I love our traditional New Year's Day ride. This year - we had intended to perhaps join others in their riding.. but I had wood to cut/split/stack in the morning and Zoe had other duties at the appointed time. And of course that was THE hour of sunshine !

By the time we saddled up it was heavy clouds and drifting an un-ending supply of big fat lazy flakes. Not that I am complaining really (I am though) as the fat flakes were pretty.. but gosh we have had SO little sun this past year.. the photo's are always so consistently dreary.

The ride was fun -- we trotted on the tar for awhile as we were anxious for fast -- we actually went out on the highway for a big trot and lots of canter... only place it's possible right now with the ice and snow. We ended up doing a big loop - up Pleasant Valley Road onto Breezy Hill Road and home on the trail. This was snowmobile trail and we had to step aside a few times for the snow machines. Technically we are not even supposed to be on their trail. So we try to be extra polite and stay out of their way.

As we trot up Breezy Hill Road - we get to the top..

And just across if you look carefully you can see the farm - I zoomed in with my camera to the indoor.

We hook onto a snowy route we use separate from snowmobiles, down some steep banks - cross the brook -- and head home. It's almost dark already -

Sorry we missed you guys on your rides out -- Happy New Year's !!

Enjoy ~


  1. You have the BEST scenery! Beautiful views of the Vermont mountains. I'm glad you Speed Demons got in your fast trots and canters. Gets your blood moving and keeps you warm!

  2. Betsy,
    Beautiful photos. Sounds like a wonderful New Years is beginning for you and your Curly ones. Best wishes for a warm and meaningful year,


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