Thursday, January 21, 2010

A long awaited new begining....

The time has finally come for a very special boy.
Rancho Tres Estrellas added a special ABC/MFT registered stallion to start a new breeding program. About 2 years ago he arrived here, untrained but halterbroke, and good to trailer, he did prove to have an amazing sweet disposition, along with his sweet nature, amazing rare bloodlines, and gorgeous looks, we were excited to see what this great fella would produce, with high hopes of getting him trained and under saddle, time and experience just didn't permit it.
Now as 2010 has arrived, things are starting to really look up, i would like to introduce a new beginning for Ebony's Dusty Lad AKA Dusty. In November of 2009 dusty was finally able to go for training!

Finding a good trainer willing to take on a 5yr old stallion is no easy task, but with a bit of luck on our side, we found one, Christina Lowigus, our hoof orthopedist, trainer, and good friend. With many years of training and teaching experience, we are confident she will do an amazing job with him, Christina is new with the RAC this year, and with her busy training and work schedule she isn't able to blog as often as she would like, so i thought i would give her and dusty a wonderful introduction.
Dusty has always been a nervous boy, just from lack of handling, training, and possibly a bad experience in his past, so giving this guy a good solid foundation was vital, Christina is doing amazing, teaching him to trust and behave correctly

He is getting lots of despooking, longeing, teaching him to relax within himself, it is now almost the end of January 2010, Dusty and Christina are progressing very well, his trust level is much better, he stands for saddling, blanketing, farrier work, has excellent patience now. Since he is a breeding stallion his ground manners are of utmost importance, Christina has been working on laying over him, teaching him to stand for mounting, although, he has not been ridden yet it's vital that he behaves himself before hand, Christina has done alot of bending to make him supple and soft so when the time comes for his first ride the transition of carrying a rider will go smoothly.

With Christina's busy schedule her blogging may not be often but we are very excited to soon be reading about her adventures with Dusty and to see their progress!


  1. ..."teaching him to relax within himself" ~ I love that line, a good one to remember. Dusty sure is a handsome dude!

  2. It sure describes well what Christina is teaching Dusty.He didn't have much self confidence before and is now so much more at ease with people.Dusty attached himself rather quickly to Christina,when she came and loaded him in her trailer he was very calm,when she left the trailer he looked at her,nonono come back,i feel safe with you.It was very nice to see that he likes her so much.What Pam said is so true,i phoned and phoned around for a good trainer and none were willing to take a stallion his age.Christina is a blessing to our horses,she helped some of ours to get so much better after she cut their hoofs.Our old girl Annie's Rosebud T,now coming 26 years old let out a big buck yesterday,because she feels so great.She was not so good on her feet in fall,so this was heartwarming to see:).A good hoof orthopedist can make all the difference to a lot of horses.Thank you so much Christina,for taking care of our horses,you are the best!!!


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