Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saturday Shannon and I went to work in an indoor arena since Northern CA is currently under water!! I know we need it desperately, but all at once, jeeze, what a mess! Any way we were working on neck reining and some other things, but Ringo tends to get bored in the arena. He sometimes goes to sleep, lol


  1. Ha, that is really cute, that he goes to sleep in the arena. :)

    I can relate a little bit, because Dolly kept wanting to lay down during an outdoor, summer-time clinic. (I couldn't blame her-- the sun felt really nice. :) I would have layed down next to her, but the instructor kept yelling at me to make her stand back up... He insisted that she wasn't supposed to lay down while I was riding her... ;) )

    --Amber (Dolly & Diamond)

  2. That's awesome! My horse does that too! Ringo looks like a GREAT horse - must be a joy to work with him. I sure wish we had an arena like that near by..or in my back yard! =] The ice, crunchy snow is getting just a little bit iffy - hard to lunge or do any ground work but the trail is good so far. Thanks for sharing Paul!

  3. Paul,
    Must be a Curly thing to lay down when your bored{:> Ringo is a beautiful horse .... best wishes,

  4. Hello the picture of a sleeping Ringo! Thank God for the indoor to be able to get some riding in. Looking forward to more posts of you and your handsome Ringo.


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