Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Donna's Trail Ride

Happy New Year, everyone! I am a little late joining into the fun but better late than never. I am so glad to see so many new faces and I so enjoy catching up on the news over morning coffee!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Lynn of Homefire Curlies. I have owned Curlies for 10 years now, err, correction, I have been employed by Curlies for 10 years now (but I'm not holding my breath on the Bosses offering any kind of recognition for that milestone - oh no, it will be business as usual of feeding, slogging manure, watering, grooming and training.) They are, however, kind enough to give me enough hours "off" each day from the barnyard commitments so that I can work a full time job to keep the hay, vet and farrier bills paid.

So with all of my off farm commitments riding time is scarce. When it is available I don't look forward to that time alone. I will admit I have been a very content recluse for several years however in the last few months this has changed significantly. Unfortunately this means I will choose activities where I have company instead of working with my horses where I am invariably alone. Thanks to Donna, proud Momma of Linus and fellow RAC participant, I have found a new goal and renewed determination to at least invest some time in one horse, in particular.

Donna "spoke for" Linus when he was still quite young. Just as we encourage all of our buyers, she, Stu and Owen visited on a regular basis as Linus grew. As Linus grew so did a tremendous friendship between all of us. That right there is what I would describe as being the true magic of Curlies - the friendships their humans form with one another.

During our last visit prior to Linus' departure Donna expressed an interest in having a trail ride with me. She really has no idea what a big deal that is! Since Owen, Donna's son, has already test ridden *Lucy, Linus' dam, it is only fitting that I finish *Lucy's training so that Donna can ride her. So I got started today! So not to bore everyone with the sorted details of today's adventure (I'll save that for my personal blog!) Here's the view for today.


  1. Awesome, Lynn!! Great to hear you are once again on the back of a horse! =] Great photos!!

  2. Lynn, you are just too funny "have been employed by Curlies" ~ ahhh, no FINANCIAL rewards, but oh, the other rewards are priceless, aren't they? And, you are right on the mark when you talk about the friendships our Curlies bring to us humans. I have been enjoying reading your personal blog for quite some time and am glad to see you are blogging on the RAC. Here's to some quality time in the saddle this year, overlooking a curly mane!

  3. Hello Lynn, congratulations on your new found goal and friendships! Ahh, life with curlies, isn't it grand? Even if they can be highly demanding employers! Take care.


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