Thursday, January 21, 2010

Horse Doula Needed :-Z

Any horsey doulas out there willing to offer comfort to a first-timer?

The vet came and gave Miss Demeanor "Deams"  her last rhino shot today.   She is in her 9th month of pregnancy.  Although she is due the first week of April - he reminded me that she could go anytime from mid-march on (especially if it's a colt).  This bit of reality has managed to put me into a  bit of a panic. The vet will be out one more time before the birth to give her her annual shots....   but I feel like I'm going through my own first pregnancy  all over again!   

This is my first foaling experience - and am all of a sudden thinking ... "I'm not ready for this!"   

I sure would love to have someone (figuratively) hold my hand through all of this.   

I know the vet was only doing his job - but he absolutely managed to freak me out!  (Talking about all the things to make sure of - be aware of - and make sure I do and don't do.....and what could potentially happen should things go wrong....uggh!)   


  1. :D I haven't had my own pregnant mare, but I have helped out during a foaling before (okay, my only real job was to check to make sure that all the placenta was in tact and accounted for). I found it all terribly exciting. :D

    I'm sure that there are many experienced breeders on this blog who will 'hold your hand' through it, though! Congratulations!

  2. I'm sure you already have this book on hand...and I've only helped with one foaling,so I am by no means an expert...but "Blessed Are The Broodmares" is 'the book to have' I think, or at least one of them. I read it cover to cover before helping with the one foal and was very glad I did.

  3. Brie is right, "Blessed Are the Broodmares' is an excellent book, and I'm so glad you realize that you need to keep everything in perspective and chill. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

  4. I am not a fist timer foaling out mares,but i am no old pro either.I am very nervous,watching my mares closely when they get ready to foal,after some bad experiences.Usually all goes well though,the book is a good thing to have,for sure.What also helps me greatly is our cameras,i bought a model that was discontinued and it works great.I don't have to disturb the mares anymore and can have more peace now.I wish you and your mare the best and can't wait to see the little one:).


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