Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glorious Winter Day!

It was a glorious day in Maine today, and shortly after noon, I took advantage of it and saddled up my fresh Curly boy, English this time. I made sure his mind was on me before I mounted up, and did serpentines or circles any time it wasn’t. The snow is still deep and very heavy, even f0llowing the snowmobile trails. We took advantage of a few open spots for some BIG snow trots and canters, but each time we did, AhD figured that meant "go faster all the time." So, I just kept reminding him…"No, it doesn’t…" The sun was wonderful and dearly appreciated. My dog Grace was right on AhD’s heels just about the whole time, so when we did our serpentines and circles, she had to watch out or get run over. AhD didn’t strike out at her, not even once! He did use her running to catch up with us as an excuse for a scoot a couple of times, but seeing as how the snow was hindering his quickness, sitting through it was not a problem.
I did lose a stirrup twice though, and I’m not talking about my feet out of the stirrups, but rather the stirrups fell right off! I took AhD off the beaten track and followed some deer trails, and we did so much twisting and turning around saplings that each stirrup worked its way out of its holder. So, I used the opportunity to snap a few pictures. And, may I say that my Didder was AWESOME during these stirrup replacement times and did not take advantage at all. Look what a good boy he is being,standing quietly! I hope you enjoyed riding with us in Maine today.


  1. Susan, I've never really gotten to ride in the snow before; most years it's too icy, so just recently trotted in the snow for the first time, and, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!! Those 'big snow trots and canters' are a blast! (Not that we've cantered in deep snow yet.)

    Looks like it's sunny where you are, have to admit to having some sun envy right about now, but at least it's warm here which is a welcome change. Thanks for sharing your sunny photos--cheers me up!

  2. Wow, Usually when I hear that somebody has lost a stirrup, I assume they mean their foot fell out of the stirrup...not that the stirrup FELL OFF! Goodness. That would make for an adventurous ride I think...

    I love the pic of him being so good, standing still for you when you're off of him. :)

  3. What a beautiful day for a b-day ride!!! Didder certainly was a good boy for you. All your hard work is paying off Tilly and it shows. Love your photos. And YES, I thoroughly enjoyed riding with you in Maine...hopefully for real someday!


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