Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day first ride on my new stud

This is my first year with RAC and as far as New Year's resolutions to get in shape...maybe lose a few pounds....what better way than by doing something I enjoy. I am so NOT a winter rider but as a lot of you know, I have a new stallion at my place. Jake is a white, gaited curly stallion that was broke to ride at one time but hasn't been used much in years. He has such a laid back temperament that I figured I may as well see how he would do under saddle. Boy was it cold out! I had tacked him up a few days earlier and did a little round penning and he was very receptive with the ground work. I played with him for about an hour this afternoon, mostly to work my own courage up I think. He was a little rusty but he was a good boy. I stayed in the round pen and kept it at a walk, I wanted to make sure it was a positive first ride. I am very happy with my decision to sneak this new boy home...and I think that my husband is warming up to him now too.


  1. If your "Jake" is the Jake I remember in Indiana then he is a great guy, you are lucky to have him! Looking forward to see more posts, Dian

  2. What a good lookin' guy! And he sounds fun. Glad you had a good first ride.

  3. How nice to see Jake again:).

  4. Hi,
    Great photo of a wonderful team....welcome to RAC. I look forward to getting to know you and Jake,


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