Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blue Skies, Shining at Me :)

You'll soon see in the photo's that Saturday was one of our most beautiful days yet .. clear, crisp -- not warm enough for melting. We decided to trot down to the snowmobile trails and follow those - and the snow cover was firm and perfect, wide as a highway for some fast travelin' :) The horses were happy and we actually found new trail for the coming summer expeditions and formulated a new loop for the next ride out.

If I could attach music to my blog entry .. you'd be hearing nothing but Blue Skies.. :)

Blue days... All of them gone.. Nothing but blue skies ~From now on .. now as I trot along .. Willie Nelson is the man crooning the tune - but you can choose your own ..

You know I am partial to the high altitude mountain views :)

Trot along the ridge here.. down through the woods ..

The woods were full of sun and shadows.

The snowmobile club has changed the route- so we had some surprises and came out NOT where we thought we would. Here's our first clue through the trees.

One of the best features about the snowmobiles trails is ~ if we keep going, we can trot to Canada !! However, we always have to remember-- we still have to save time to get home again. Today was one of those days where we don't want to get out of the saddle.

We met quite a few snowmobilers out for a sunny run.. we are not supposed to have horses on their trail but they were all polite and happy to see us anyway.

saw a few snow shoers. Usually all we see of these quiet forest walkers is their prints.

Alas.. time to head home - we get down onto the back roads to trot home.

Plenty of sunrays.. but cold enough for no melting.. slow going now.

Teasel and Keri love to stay close. We don't allow for this often.. but we can trot and canter like this ! They are so silly.

While on the snowmobile trails, we were warmed by the sunrays and canters -- once we got down on the back roads- we soon lost the sun.. and with the slow cautious walking, we became quite chilled. Next time we follow this route we are going to do it in reverse... the cold slow part first -- and end up with the fast and furious.

Perhaps all you RAC'ers are already bored with my canter video's but I had to add another -- because it was so much fun.. At one point you'll hear me politely mention to my mount she is too close to the tree...

This probably is our most fun ride of 2010 so far :) As usual I have many more photo's on my farm blog.

Enjoy ~


  1. I think this is your best video yet! I am grinnng from ear to ear. You get quite the workout while riding your trusty steed, don't you? If they offered an Olympic game on Video Whilst Cantering you would get the gold. Talk about riding vicariously through our friends on the RAC ~ this is awesome! You know...ITS 89 runs right by my house, and I ride on it often; maybe we could meet in Canada sometime! :) Although those slotted snowmobile bridges would cause us quite the problem...

  2. p.s. Did you guys actually cross that bridge???!!!


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