Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He DOES listen!!

Well, I thought today was going to be completely a write off for making progress with Linus since he was ever so full of his little boy P&V. It actually ended exceptionally well..and he was calmer at the end than at the beginning!! OH, what a feeling! We have mostly been working on whoa and clucking to go. I wondered if it was sinking in...he proved to me that it was sinking in when in the barn I brushing his mane (he LOVES that) then started to run my hand down his leg. He started to step away so I said "Whoa". He froze and let me pick up his feet. Not for a lengthy time but definitely much longer than any previous session. Not only with one leg, but with all 4 legs!! More than once!!
I really will have to sit down some night and get some pictures on here of him. Owen (my 19 month old son) sat on his back the other day too. Linus didn't flinch. Of course was holding Owen just in case and never would have set him there if Linus weren't already standing stock still. In other Linus news, he has begun to stand still again while putting on his halter. Again, seems to be a product of learning what "whoa" means. I'm so thrilled to see this progress in him...drives away the "what did I get myself into" feeling.., but really, I love having him there. Its nice to walk into the barn and be greeted by an animal who is happy to see you for you being there rather than be happy because you will be feeding them! (cows)
He still looks longily over the gates at the calves playing. Unfortunately for Linus, the mothers are not ready to have him be that close to the calves until they are older. There will soon be some ready for weaning and he might get one of them for a companion. I'm sure he would enjoy that very much.
Hopefully I can write again soon!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of progress! I'm still working on getting Diamond to accept each hoof to be picked up for more than a split second a piece.

    I'd love to see pictures of him, especially if he ends up with a weanling calf companion. :)

    --Amber (Dolly & Diamond)


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