Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleigh Bells and Winter Fun

Perfect day to get those sleigh bells out for Denise ! It's snowing and quite blustery but I had lots to do outside most of the day. Zoe came over with her children, so we decided as soon as I was finished with moving snow and doing a little more wood - we'll harness OYY Nimue with some bells. I have bells afixed on the old wooden shafts and we also took my bells off the front door and tied them to the harness back saddle. I wanted Denise to be very pleased. :)

The drifts and banks did not slow Nimue down. She's game for anything where she is pulling.

We all took turns trotting up and down the road and around in deep snow. Rena was cautious and just wanted to walk slowly with her Mom.

Here's Dominic being very brave, but secretly holding onto his Ya-ya. Just in case.

The little skoot has been outdoors so it was covered in ice - when we went fast over drifts -- we were in danger of slipping off... that brought a few squeals from me and Dominic :)

When my children were younger, we used this little skoot/sleigh lots of time after school -- they tied their plastic sleds to the back of it and we trotted around fast. Right now it's so icy - we are limited to where we can go.. but we had fun !! :) You might notice the left shaft tip is broken off. That is because my Number 2 son - who used to hitch a horse to this skoot and feed every day - turned too close to one of the sheds one evening and clipped it off.

It was so cold - the batteries kept dying in the camera, so I hope we got enough sleigh bell footage for you Denise.

Enjoy ~


  1. OMGosh! That was SOOOOOO Awesome!!! Thank you Betsy, Zoe and kids for making my day. Man, look at Nimue go - what a great cart/sleigh horse! Maybe that should be one of my goals for next Christmas with Reese. Hummmmm...=] Thanks again, I loved it!!!!!!

  2. I just LOVED the video! I turned up my sound and could hear the sleigh bells. I am so glad you posted that and let us imagine we were doing it too. Wicked cool!

  3. Awesome video...thanks so much for sharing....Angie

  4. Seriously, have you considered, or maybe you do already?, doing the Combined Driving events with your Curlies??!!, looking at your pics (super awesome as always!!), but wow!, Nimune is incredible, just looks like she'd excel at the C.D., so... have you or do you???
    And I love the Bells, not to mention the geniousness of using a bale of hay as a seat!!


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