Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday's Mood Lifter

I have been pretty discouraged about the condition of the roads and trails -- and was almost convinced that this year was going to be a total riding loss... but -- thank goodness- Tuesday's ride proved me wrong. I should not have jumped to those depressing conclusions. Zoe and I weren't sure where we were headed when we saddled up but thought perhaps a combination of road and trail. As we trotted along the first section of back road - the horses were in great spirits and plugged themselves into a nice steady forward trot - and I remarked.. wow, it feels so GOOD to be moving- let's just stay on the roads and go :)

We passed by some great mountain views - which without the leaves on the trees look a little
bristly :)

I am not sure- but this mountaintop might be Hawk's Mountain - which you might remember from past posts, we have explored quite a bit .. it is in the correct general direction. When you are riding on the mountain, it surely does not seem so tall.

Keri's ears were up and curious the entire trip- we both reflected each other's good moods :)

She is enjoying the views as much as I am .

When we reached the mile hill - the horses were so ready to canter and race up .. They have been as discouraged and cranky as I have been I think - with the careful cautious ice walking. We did get on a small amount of trail - the snow is somewhat crispy - because it's been SO cold.

We had lots of happy chatter along the way too.. as I am far from a silent rider :)
It was very cold - and squalled snow the whole ride out but we didn't care- it was exactly what we all needed -
super ride - great views... now if we can get a nice SUNNY day - Zoe and I want to go back to Hawk's Mountain for winter photo's from the top.
Enjoy your day ~


  1. A great post from you, as usual, and GORGEOUS scenery (again, as usual). Sunny or no, it is great to join you vicariously on a ride. I am so glad you and Zoe enjoyed yourselves! That cold weather is headed my way again for this weekend coming up. I will be hearing squeak, squeak as we walk through the snow.

  2. Amazing how a nice ride improves your mood! I am so glad you were able to move out a bit and enjoy the brisk air. Awesome pics!! I swear it's the ultimate "happy pill." - We finally had sun here yesterday - although by the time I was able to ride, it had clouded over, but STILL amazing ride. I LOVE RIDING IN THE WINTER! If I can't get out, I play your sleigh bell ride video and it perks me right up!

  3. Awesome Betsy! Nothing like a good ride on your favorite mount to put a smile on your face...Zoe's and Keri's! Gorgeous scenery just adds to the mood....and the chatter helps to keep the teeth from doing that! Always looking forward to your next ride.

  4. I agree with Denise...what a great way to lift your spirits than with a ride with a Curly friend.
    It's so nice to see those wonderful little fuzzy ears in photos again:)
    Best wishes,

  5. Great post Betsy!, Was uplifting just reading. you are so lucky to have such a regular riding companion and with such spectacularly lovely and reliably there places to go, we have to trailer out from here to get anywhere without racing autos everywhere with literally no shoulder, never knew such hazardous roadways existed 'till I moved to the Pacific Northwest, you are very, very lucky. Love the pics with Keri's ears and all your snow, I can just hear the crunch of snow under hooves and horses' breathing, along with the dragon's fire breath emanating from soft, fuzzy curly nostrils. Really wonderful, thank you, for sharing this moment of time out of your Tuesday with us!!


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