Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No riding yet here but did get some horse time!

We did have about a foot of snow and then it all melted within a couple of days and then it froze solid - we have the most nasty frozen wasteland out there for footing so no riding as of yet this year!

However, I did get a chance to work with my new mare *DKH Lacey, she is a big, black, smooth coated Curly mare that I just brought home a few days ago.  She is halter trained, but just barely and so the first thing we are working on is just letting her know that people can be friendly and that people aren't scary at all.  I haven't tried to actually catch her yet - she is in my round pen and she has a halter on, and she did load in my trailer to come here so I know she can lead and load, but I'm in no rush with her.  We will take our time and she will come along in her own time.  I did a little bit of approach and retreat and she was letting me stroke her on the shoulder on both sides and touch her halter, so that was a little progress and enough for .today - I will have to do this every day for a while, but we will get there.

Here is a picture of her from yesterday, doesn't she have a sweet face?!


  1. Shelly, she is beautiful! Yes, love her face and eyes. Glad you were able to get out inspite of the weather!

  2. Oh the weather is good! But the footing is terrible - I can hardly walk out to our barn and stay upright!

  3. Lacey is a beauty alright, and well worth the wait. That is SUPER that she allowed a pet on the shoulders. I hope you keep us RACers posted on her progress!

  4. Lacey is sure beautiful,Shelly,i bet she will like it at your place:).Hope soon you can ride again,we have lots of high snowdrifts everywhere here,so its hard to get around the farm,not much better then it is for you:).I can't wait for it to melt but am sure that is going to take a long while yet.First we are getting more snow now.


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