Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Antics

Well it has finally warmed up above -20 here!! a gorgeous weekend temp holding steady around the -8 mark, yay! I Was hoping for some outside riding but my curly friend Jo decided to clown around so into the arena we went for some good groundwork. He seems to think standing still just cant happen, wiggling around is a must lol, but alas by the end of session he decided standing still was okay... for now! Lots more practicing for him. He did a good job so tied him for a break while i worked with another one of our horses, and of course Jo being the goofy guy he is has figured out how to untie himself from almost every knot and our tie ring! I believe HE thinks this is rather great fun, i don't think so myself lol, now time to ride him a bit, stood for mounting, ground work paid off! did a few rounds around the arena, working on his transitions and yielding to leg, and more bending.
Time for supper so back outside we go, in the meantime, the barn had received a load of hay, well when Jo saw this giant trailer full of food he looked so hopeful that it was all for him! he couldn't take his eyes off of it, he thought that was the greatest sight ever! lol

Day 2 of the weekend proved to be a little colder, windy, so back into the arena. Jo gets tied again, and i think i have managed to find a way for him not to untie himself woohoo! He waited somewhat impatiently while i worked with another horse, then it came his turn, well i guess he thought watching was more fun, so away we went with more groundwork, practicing on standing still, which he still thinks just cant be done, wiggling just has to be!, but was much better today, he is learning, yay, actually he has learned a great amount in the past year and half i have been working with him, i've really enjoyed the intelligence of the breed, todays session went well, hopefully tomorrow we can go for a ride outside! its been a long cold winter.

I am really enjoying all the posts and pics, great job! Soon i will have some more pics and stories to tell about some of the other curlies i am working with, its going to be a great year, keep up the good work everyone!


  1. Hello Pam and WELCOME to the RAC!! Fabulous to see your post on that STUNNING ANIMAL!! =] Is this one of Claudia's? You both look amazing.

    p.s. Check out Pam's profile on the 2010 riders - she trains curlies and works with Claudia Duncan's curlies in Canada.

  2. Yes Denise,this is the first curly weanling i bought 2004.He sure has grown up since then.He is the clown of the herd,very pretty and smart.Pam started working him after he was gelded.Jo(Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold)loves people,is always there to seek attention but needs a firm training,as he thinks he has to test everybody if they are serious about what they ask and gets bored very easily,he sure needs a job,hehe,that is why i decided to let Pam work more with him now.This way we keep putting miles on him too.Jo is still looking for his human as he needs more attention then he can get as a gelding on a breeding farm:).Pam sure has her hands full to train all our young ones,also we try and get our broodmares under saddle once we get ahead with our 3 to 6 year old young ones.Of course our foals need continous training too.She also helps at foaling time,gives shots,so is a big part of our team here.We had a lot of fun together on those long nights waiting for our foals last year.I am very fortunate to have 2 good trainers that i can trust so much with my precious young curlies.This is not easy to find and i do not like to send them far away to someone i don't know.Pam came here to train and always lets people watch if they like.
    Christina is getting ready to post too,she said.Dusty sure is doing amazing at her place,you all wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a place and trainer willing to train an almost 6 year old stallion with limited training in the past.I was glad that both of them decided to join RAC,so everybody can see what all we are accomplishing here.
    I absolutly enjoy reading all the posts and see all the pictures from everybody else.

  3. Welcome Pam and Claudia, and I agree with Denise, that gelding is sooo very handsome! And he and my AhD are twins in personality. Pam will have her hands full, but she will also have a lot of amusement. ;)

  4. What a lovely gelding! What a great thing to have a arena to play in!

  5. He's super cute. It's fun to hear about those super smart Curlies, learning to untie themselves and such. (Although I REALLY hope Dolly and Diamond never learn that trick!!)

  6. Oh my, you had this boy advertised on CHC for a while didn't you?! His coat is SO different in the winter time! He is just lovely, Claudia...I am sure when Pam is done with him he will be fabulous!

  7. Thank you everybody,yes Jo was advertised on CHC and i did have a lot of inquiries but he is not quite an older ladies or kids horse and i do not want to make bad matches selling my guys.He needs to find his human that fits well with him.Also Jo has been kicked on his side by one of our mares and has a hernia there now.It has not gotten bigger and does not hurt him but he shouldn't do jumping or super hard work with this,so i decided i would let him go to a good home very cheap,still we want to make a good horse out of him as he is already pretty well trained now.If we can manage,we will get the hernia fixed but it is very pricey to do this.We are downsizing our herd right now,as in selling most straight haired horses from my last breeding program.This is not easy because i refuse to let them go into auctions or to wrong homes,so i am waiting it out and i also traded some against feeding and board,in the meantime the remaining ones get trained to ride,so they are usable horses,they all need a good chance in life.The winter was used to get some horses ready to be sold in spring and summer and although this arena is not heated it was such a nice thing to be able to use it,otherwise we have a tough time training horses in winter here in Saskatchewan,hehe.
    Well yes Jojo is a tricky boy but you have to know him to love him,you cannot stay mad at him ever because he is such a character,i always have to laugh eventually when he shows off his tricks.He used to be quite stubborn but training sure improved him a lot already.His best feature is that he is not afraid of nothing and he absolutly adores people and comes right to you even in a big pasture,always the first he is to greet you.Of course his looks don't hurt the eyes.I always liked his pale palomino color with all the chrome he has,he is a sabino and in spring he sheds out dark and then gets light again,he looks like a total different horse then.On top he has all that beautiful thick mane and tail and gorgeous curls,in summer too.

  8. Thank you all for the great comments, Jo sure is a goodlookin boy, i can't wait for him to find a good home, he's such a lovable guy. I will be sure to keep you all updated on his progress, and look forward to reading more of your stories.

  9. Hello Pam and Claudia! WOW, Jo sure is striking in curls. Sorry to hear about his injury...between his looks, intelligence and personality he will make a very special horse for a very special human! Looking forward to Jo's progress.


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