Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nice day for a ride??

Well the weather has improved nicely, i figured no better time to go for a nice ride outside, Jo is getting rather bored of the arena, so we tacked up and out we went. Jo had other ideas, very much full of himself today! so as per usual we start out with some ground work, and as you can see his attention was everywhere but on me....

But after a few rounds he got much better, although still very frisky!
He was certainly in show off mode, he had a very LOOK AT ME attitude going on lol
Well i figured i better get riding, maybe burn off some excess energy?? lol i was hoping.
Needless to say we did alot of bending, lots of circles, we must have made poor claudia dizzy with all the circling around her lol but she did an excellent job taking the pictures, they turned out wonderfully, Jo looks so perfectly innocent lol
Although he is a clown he is so lovable, one can hardly stay mad at his antics lol.
We eventually made our way down the road, success!

It wasn't a very long ride today, but hopefully tomorrow we will have a riding buddy, which will give us the chance to go for a nice long pasture ride, which im sure will do him a world of good, burn off some excess energy, away from the busy arena, give him a chance to really relax and enjoy his ride.

I look foward to keeping you updated on Jo's progress, he is definately always progressing and and a real joy to work with, i also look foward to reading all about everyone else's progress as well, so keep up the good work everyone, be safe and happy trails!


  1. GORGEOUS photos!!! Jo is really pretty.

    It's so fun to watch when they're in show off mode. ;) Although you're braver than me to ride them when they're feeling frisky.

  2. Of course Jo is showing off...he knows that he is both smart and gorgeous!
    Such a ham...I can see how you can't stay mad at him. Looking forward to more.

  3. Thanks everyone,Jo is real easy to take pics of,it was lots of fun for me too.Oh he sure knows he is smart,it is heartbreaking that nobody seems to like him enough,but maybe we just have to be more patient,he is a must meet and see.Most of his admirers are timid or just beginners is the problem and that just doesn't match.This why i want him to get better trainied,can only help him.

  4. He is HUGE! =] It is awesome of you Claudia to put money into him to insure he gets a wonderful home, good for you. He is an amazing animal and will be quite the ambassador for the breed once he gets his cute lil' mind in the right place. These boys can be so sassy, but with the right training they can give all they have and it's a fabulous transformation! =] Gotta love em.

  5. No he is of average height,Denise,about 14.3hh.Well see the thing with Jo is,he is like a pup,mischievious at times but so lovable as he seeks so much human attention.Plus i really love them all and think its not ethical to dump them.So i do what i can to ensure them the best future i can.You are right,Jo is just not done learning yet and still has a lot of potential to make someone happy.So we keep on doing our best even though right now it is very tough to do so for me.


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