Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing with Rose

Today I went outside and played with Rose but it was still too icy to really ride. I always get to jump on her with no leadrope. I am hoping to get to show one of our curly's in 4-H this year. Mom says that Penny might be ready for me, or maybe Rowan will get ready in time. It was really nice today, but we have to wait for the ice to go away. It is really slippy outside, and Mom says it is too dangerous for us to ride, so for now I have to be happy just hanging out with the horses and maybe playing with Rose more, I slid off her butt today and Mom says it helps to desensitive them by just playing with them a lot...


  1. Hi Kendahl! First of all you are getting SO big! =] Love your pictures! Rose is lovely and seems to have no problem with you climbing all over her..that's awesome! What a cutie!!

  2. Kendahl, your Rose sure is a beauty! I bet you just love riding her and can't wait for clearer ground. You need a good January thaw up your way. Good job on the groundwork!

  3. Hello Kendahl! Ahh, to be young and pliable've done a great job to desensitize, as neither seem the least bit concerned! That's a trusting foundation you're laying for them. Excellent. I love your photos as well!!!!


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