Saturday, January 23, 2010

More sitting on a horse than riding...

Well doesn't January end up being my business month ever! With the jobs, 2 active kids, a pile of horses and hubby away over seas...doesn't leave much time for any serious riding, lol. So I make up for it but very small increments of riding time...from the barn to the pasture, lol. I've been having my little fun every morning by riding the horses from in the barn, out to the pasture (sometimes I go out to the pasture for a little longer ride but my time is limited). It is a very short trip but even those rides make me crave for more. The days are getting longer and I'm pumped to get things rolling here.

My target date to get down to business and allotting some pure horse riding/playing with horse time is Feb. 13th. Darrick is back from Japan then...things will slow down with hockey as well. (I'd much rather be in a riding arena than a hockey arena, lol). In the meanwhile, I will just enjoy my little rides and the time I do get to spend with the horses. I'm sure the horses will enjoy some more time spent with than as well, rather than a few measley scratches & kisses.

Attached is a quick picture I took when I rode Whisper out the other day. Can't take a picture of helmet...wearing ugly snowsuit...runny This is where I add that Whisper is for sale and can be seen on my website, lol. She would be easy to log the miles on...but my focus is going to be Takai this year.
Well, off for my tiny morning rides, have to go do horses now...


  1. Whisper looks just like her sire from that vantage point!

  2. Baby steps, steps! ANYTHING Is better than nothing...I say you 'go girl!' -- the habit is forming, a little at a time! =]


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