Monday, January 18, 2010

Well to get started ...

I finally have my boy in hand - in a 10 acre pasture instead of 120. He was a doll to catch even with all that space to run and 20 other horses to distract him. I called, he came - started in second and ended up in last place, I haltered and led him off behind the fourwheeler at a trot then a canter and the whole herd came with! Had to slam the gate on thier noses which is no easy feat as it is four-strand wire gate. Then down the road to where the other lesson horse and lesson human were waiting. Walked around a bit in the new area, around some new equipment and barn and then up the road to the big barn and the new 10 acre holding pasture.
Both Mocha and Spike did great with Mocha being a sterling boy and Spike being only slightly balky when the neighbor horses rushed over to the fence to see out little parade.
I was too chicken to actually ride but did get up on a bucket and lean over Mocha until he sighed chewed and said "gee mom is that all you wanted?"
Now for a day with more light and warmth and more nerve and then I will work again at getting the nerve to ride out. But in the mean time the ground work always helps the inside of me and the relationship between me and the horses.


  1. Ellen, Good for you!! Baby steps, that's what it is all about....and you took the first one. It's so great seeing your post here this morning! We are all here to support you, so hope to hear more from you in the coming days. =]

  2. Ellen, I surely agree with steps is just fine. You will have successes and gain confidence that way. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Ellen! Every day will bring you more nerve, of course the light and warmth sure help it along! Just like eating an bite at a time. Embrace your successes and learn from any deterrents. Before you know it you will be back in the saddle riding out and about again.


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