Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riding with Snowmobiles

Hello Everyone, I thought I blogged this, but can't find it. I'm new to blogging, but if this is a repeat, sorry!
MI has been soooo cold, and now icey. But Babydoll and I went down the road, just before dark, with only a halter and lead. Bareback kept me warmer. Soon, two snowmobiles came at us, but slowed down, Baby wanted to turn back and go home, but I talked to her and she was all right. Then another snowmobile charged at us, going so fast it whinned and they didn't know we were on the road because of a hill. I couldn't get off the road due to a swamp and pond. The seconds this all took were few and I knew we had to take this snowmobile head on. The snowmobile crested the hill and it was too late to slow, they whinned by and she danced a little and would of raced home if she didn't have a rider. The driver didn't notice, he was by us too fast and too quickly. But we survived !! Babydoll did very well listening to me and trusting me. My little girl, God I love her!
Stay warm, stay safe, and happy riding!
If someone sees this posted, please let me know so I know I did this right, thanks!!!


  1. Joanie! Your post came through fine!! But your ride made my palms SWEAT! So scary and good for you for taking control and keeping you and your girl safe!

  2. Joanie,
    I think you handled a scary and dangerous situation extremely well! And if you have doubts - remember you and Baby lived through and grew from the experience!

  3. Way to Go Joanie and Babydoll!! Sounds like the 2 of you are well on your way to agood partnership!! Sheryl

  4. Glad you and Babydoll are fine! That sure was a close call; you are blessed to have such a levelheaded Curly.

  5. Holy Moly!!! Reading that had me on the edge of my seat...I am so happy to have read all turned out well. What's wonderful is that you stayed calm...at least calm enough to convey that to Babydoll in a manner that she listened and trusted. You should be very proud!


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