Monday, January 31, 2011

Amiable and Earnest

Just look at this cute face! Who could resist it? Not me, that’s for sure. I am amazed sometimes at how much I love this guy. We have certainly had our trials over the years, and that makes our renewed relationship this winter all the more sweet. Usually the words I use to describe my guy start with F. Now listen, before your imagination runs away with you, I was thinking Fresh and Frisky and Forward. But on Saturday, AhD was Amiable and Earnest. He had such a willing and sweet attitude! We puttered around, keeping the trails open, looking at the scenery, while the dogs followed us and sniffed about.

Here we are, looking back at the homestead.

It was a beautiful day, heading into evening. What a joy! I took tons of pictures,
of some of my favorite spots. We are supposed to get another foot of snow on Wednesday, so that may end my backwoods trail riding for awhile.
Didder was so easygoing! Not the usual challenge. He gave me a nice canter in the deep snow.
He has his gorgeous March mane in January this year, but he has rubbed the hair off the base of his tail right down to nothing. Such is the state of the Curly coat! You take it and enjoy it while it is there ~ no use crying over spilt milk.
Here he is, patiently awaiting on me to open the barn door and let him in for a drink. I missed a good photo op of he and Grace (boss Lab in the background here) drinking out of the water trough together. It warms my heart the way He and Grace get along so well now.
Evening is falling early, but we have so much more light than we did in December, we can easily fit in some really decent rides. Now, for some company....I am missing my youngest, who is still recovering from his ruptured spleen. A few more months and he will be back with me, but for now I am working on some winter riding with anyone willing to ride our Haflinger. Wish me luck!


  1. Indeed a very cute face:) And lots of nice pictures of the country. Looks like a good ride and the best part of course your horse being so amiable and earnest!

  2. Hello Susan, looks like you are still number one out on the trail, you and AhDe that is. I like your country side and the looks of your horses head. It does look like the snow is getting deep in your neck of the woods, I can tell you it is deep here and cool weather we are heading back into the Deep freeze for a week or so.
    I just came in from playing with Curly and Black Hawk, seems as they have attitude today.
    Have a great day and I hope you don't get that foot of snow.

  3. Hi Susan, I like how you took a picture of the beautiful thick curly mane too. That is one of my favorite features about Marley too! I wish you the best for your youngest, our family has had some ups and downs too with mishaps you can't change, and it is difficult. Enjoy your wonderful winter weather!

  4. we are supposed to get that foot or more of snow too Susan - drat.. just when we were finally getting some trails open. Glad you had a peaceful ride.. AhD is a cutie and so lovable when he is being agreeable :)

  5. Susan that face is priceless!!! I simply love these shovel ears a lot! Wonderful landscape. You are blessed!

  6. Yes Susan we are (finally) down for a pile of snow too. Isn't it wonderful when you can see your horse maturing in his personality?? Things just click! And I wish you were closer - I LOVE Haflingers and would love to go on a ride with you. A fellow Angus breeder also breeds Clydes and Haflingers for show. So gorgeous!

  7. I'm glad you think his face is cute, too! I love it when he talks to me with his expression.
    Now the forecast says 14- 20" for tomorrow on top of the 2 - 4" for today, but we'll see.
    Donna, you will see a picture of our Haffie in my post later today! He's a beauty. And don't forget that we have beef critters in common, too! One of us is going to have to cross the border!
    Harold, glad to see you are perusing the blog!!!! We are all awaiting your blogging.


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