Friday, January 28, 2011

Havent been mutch blogging lately

I just discovered that I had some pictures from two weeks ago when I and Lene was outside walking with Kentucky. He is a two year old stallion. It wasent just easy making he go nice. But he did well any way. He's so cute, and I absoloutly love his blue eyes. the First picture is me and kentucky from behind, the other is Lene and Kentucky.

Last thursday when I came home from the boarding scool I live at four days in week, I saw there was a white parcel for me laying in the couch. I packd it up, and there it was, my new, cool t-shirt. So on saturday I was wearing it in the stable. Later on saturday I and Lenes niece, Martine went for a ride with Misty and Sassey. Sassey's daughter virginia and Queen's son new york joined us to. And also Lenes cute little dog, Ella. It was a nice weather to ride outside with sun and blue heaven.
Im going back to the stable tomorrow, And I will tro to blog when I come home. But anyway I want to be better to blog. I hope You understand that its not easy for my to blog in english, And I dont write alot when I blog :P But I hope its ok:) Picture over with Martine on Misty, and the little ones.Picture under, Almost the same, and with me and Sassey in background .
Hugs from me and the horses here in Norway :)


  1. My he is admirable! You have snow over there! My I love Sweden, Norway and Finland. Beautiful countries. Greetings to the trolls you most probably met! Your English is VERY good (at least to me, and I am German lol)!

  2. When you realize you at least have the courage and ability to blog in English when most in this country have no second language you must be proud of yourselves! I love reading your accomplishments and seeing the scenery of your country. Keep it up! Your horses are beautiful!
    Ellen cheyenne, wy

  3. Your English is better than some locals I know!! So carry on...your horses are gorgeous

  4. I always like to see the pictures with the young ones walking along as you ride! Good practice for them as well!

  5. thanks for nice comments everybody, and I forgot to write it was the RAC t-shirt that came! :)


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