Monday, January 31, 2011

Spent a fabulous weekend out at the ranch riding. Yesterday was hot and sunny. Maybe a little warm for our curly-coated friends. Today we rode in the sunshine with dark clouds hanging on the mountains. We could even see the rain and some snow falling on them. Much cooler though perfect for the horses and we wore our warm coats.


  1. Hi Ann! Great to see your post! I can't imagine what your winter riding must be like. =] Sounds like you had a nice cool ride for a change. I find in the summer when it's really hot I don't like to overwork our horses let alone in full winter coats & you have now. =] I bet you have to pick and choose the right days to go this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ann, hot and sunny. I envy you so much. But you are right, for our Curly friends, colder is better. And it is all for the horses, right?!

  3. I am so perfectly matched with my boy! He loves the warmth just like his momma! Good for you getting out there and wearing your heavy coats. :)
    Ellen cheyenne,wy


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