Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoof Bridge and Western Trail Shows with Chester in Texas

Hello Curly Friends, 

Since this is the time of year we get lots of rain in Texas I decided to build a foot bridge. But, more appropriately it will be a "hoof bridge" as we will be using it to practice for our up coming Western Trail class shows. 
Here is my stallion, Chester and I, crossing it for the first time yesterday. He took one look at it and said "no worries, mom" and across we went.

As soon as we have drier weather we will paint it.

All our best, 
Angie and Chester - practicing for Western Trail Shows in Texas


  1. that looks so cool!! that is a great exercise. Good luck for your upcoming shows.

  2. Great job to both of you. I can't wait to put Seal on one, I expect she will look at me and say "ok now what"? Thanks for sharing

  3. That looks like a nice bridge to practice. I think your cat Belle is also cute:)

  4. Nice bridge! And Belle is adorable. I love your menagerie.

  5. Angie, this is FANTASTIC! We just discussed in our riding club to have such bridge to practice. Very nice idea! And Chester is doing simply great!


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