Friday, January 28, 2011


Not sure if this counts as ground training but, it is kinda cute.  My hubby stacks the big square bales so that's what we typically feed.  He was moving bales around for me yesterday outside their pasture and the driveway was tight so, turned around in their pen.  They weren't scared one bit.  As you can see they thought it was a good idea to grab a snack.  I had to go shoo them out of the way so he could turn around.    

Today was a big day for Tucker and I.  I started by yielding his forequarters and hindquarters.  Also worked on desensitizing to stick and string.  He has been more jumpy around it than normal so spent a few extra minutes.  Probably my fault for not doing enough of it the past few days and only sensitizing.  Then we lunged a few minutes on line outside the round pen.  He would go one round then stop when he got closer to the other horses.  So had to push before he got close to them.  Then stopped away from the horses for a rest.  

Introduced the saddle and blanket in the round pen.  Desensitized to the saddle blanket.  He hasn't had a saddle on in several years and, only about 30 days then.  Then swung the saddle around him to see if he was OK with it and then on and cinched front and back cinch up.  He didn't move at all the entire time.  Wasn't tight in his muscles, just relaxed.  Then  tipped his nose to me and disengaged his hind quarters both ways.  Flapped the stirrups all around without worrying him.  Moved on to lunging with the saddle.  He was OK with walking but, anymore than that he wanted to stop and check in with me.  I urged him forward to a trot and he took a mini crow hop and stopped.  I asked for forward movement again and he went well into the trot and extended trot but, I really had to encourage for the canter.  Finally got a few strides so, I stopped him for a rest and then cantered the other direction.  Came to the center of the round pen for lots of praise and took the saddle off.  He was such a good boy through the whole thing and tried really hard for me. 

I had never trained my own horses much before, until I got back into horses a few years ago.  I never realized how much enjoyment it was to train your own horses. This is my first time to work with a green horse and restart one.  We are both learning a lot from each other.    

Kim in WA


  1. Tucker is so cute! Are you using some Clinton Anderson methods? My favorite part of training is the first time someone else rides a horse you trained and the horse behaves of course. It's a great feeling to know you taught them to accept a rider and trust any human to ride them. looking forward to hearing him progress!

  2. I love the "HEY! A smorgasborg! Yippe!" attitude. I love to hear you say you are learning the joy of training your own horse! And one of the best parts is that you will know how the horse got to where it is and be able to maintain the level of training and more easily advance it! GOOD JOB!
    Ellen cheyenne, wy

  3. I use mostly Clinton's methods. He is so easy for me understand and follow. I also throw in some Parelli, Winter's, Julie Goodnight and others at times. It has been great for me because I have learned to control my emotions better. I used to be so nervous when I got back into horses, but Anderson's methods have helped me gain my confidence back.

  4. Yeah I also take the best out of all these methods. Kim, I guess everything you do in interaction with your horse not sitting on it is ground training lol. I love your report, thanks!

  5. You and Janeen will have alot in common then, Kim. Sounds like you are off to a great start!

  6. Great Job Kim! I love the way you were also reading his movement communication to you! I am with Caren....I think all the methods have merit .... the committment of mixing and matching to each horse's learning style!


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