Friday, January 28, 2011

Extended trot :)

Today we make ground training in indoor arena. We don't have round pen here, and sometimes we make biccadero at arena, but today we used whole arena. Apache usually get a little confused in soooo big area and ground training whit free horse is really not my speciality. But today we had company, budjonnyi mare was with us. They ware both free at first and Apache who live in gelding herd was so happy, and really showed his gaits to that mare. He made his best extended trot, so it was good exercise for him. And it was also very nice to look.

In the end we did some jumping (without rider), but in that Apache did not focused and was a little too busy.


  1. What a great day you had. A goal is to be in our 480 acre field and get my boy to play at liberty with me. -- I think this is a ways away. I love the black curls on Apache.
    Ellen Cheyenne, WY

  2. It's always lovely to see your horse showing off in front of another horse. It makes them look so beautifull!
    Apache looks great.

  3. He looks beautiful! I really love that free jumping thing as well and do it often with my horses. Thanks for sharing!


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