Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still too Cold

This January has been interesting with its cold snaps and periods of milder weather. I have only had a couple of hours of time with my curlies as work and weather interfere with this passion.

I love reading about others who are riding, as it inspires me to keep trying to brave the cold weather. Thank you to all who keep us posted on your progress.


  1. Well, how cold is it at your place right now?

  2. I'm sorry, Marie. Wanta winter in Kentucky? It was 50 yesterday and over 40 today!

  3. I am right there with you on the cold weather thing! Ours has been 60's to -25 windchill from one day to the next .... and OF COURSE on the days it is 60 I am at work or have other commitments! :(
    ellen cheyenne, wy

  4. I am glad you are inspired by fellow RACers, as am I! I get cranky when weather and work commitments keep me from my horses. :( I feel for you.


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