Monday, January 24, 2011

My mum wasen't the only one that went!


So, as my title says, my mum wasn't the only one to enjoy a ride this weekend. I rode Bijou both on Saturday and on Sunday. Everything went pretty well except for a few things. At the beginning of the ride, as my mother will tell you, there is this gigantic and I mean GIGANTIC puddle of water with ice melting all around it. Not only that but when you step on what you think is the edge of land beside this puddle it breaks off beneath you!!! Of course Bijou was a little hesitant to go through it. (I was too!) However, we did conquer that enormous formation of hydrogen bonds!!!

As you all already know, Tessa, the horse my mum was riding was a little high energy when we were out. It was interesting, and not very surprising, that Bijou also was high energy when we were riding beside Tessa and mum. It was like that balled up energy was flowing from them to us. The thing that I was surprised about was that when Bijou and I rode away from them both of us calmed down. It was almost instantaneous! I know this stuff is obvious, but I've never had a horse calm down that fast. Anyways, it was neat.

Alright, here are a couple of pictures of Bijou and I that my mum took!

As you can see Bijou has a little snack on the way!

It was so hot I had to take off my helmet cover, sweater and now vest!!!

<---notice the ears at the bottom of the picture!?

Thanks for reading everyone :)
Summerland, British Columbia


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