Saturday, January 22, 2011

Join Susan and Didder in the Deep Maine Snow!

Another awesome ride on my beloved Curly boy Didder! I didn’t have too much time to spend, a couple of hours, but I still took my sweet time getting AhD tacked up (and ready to leave his buddy behind in the paddock), remembering to use our Essential Oils. This time we were able to take a different route to the trails out back, because my husband and I opened the gates and cut the wire in a place or two to allow snowmobilers through to ITS-89. The snow is quite deep, making for slow going in most places, and hard work for my trusty steed, even where the snowmobiles have passed because it just is not packed hard enough to prevent break through. We turned off the snowmobile trail, and headed into the deep soft new snow.
I took a couple of videos to show you how lovely it is, plowing through the snow on your sturdy little Curly!

I call him “Didsy” when he is being extra sweet and good.

I took this video to show you just how quiet it is in the woods. It is so refreshing.

Look out Grace and Aaralyn, here comes Didder!

Just after this video, I could hear a kid whooping it up a ways away. I copied the “Whoop”’s and we started communicating back and forth. I felt like a kid again, being silly.
I dismounted and led AhD down the wicked steep hill, and at the bottom, lo and behold, there were moose tracks! The difference between the moose tracks and Didder’s tracks were like night and day. I turned AhD around so I could take a picture.You can see that Didder made a solid line plowing through the deep snow. The moose made separate tracks, each about two feet apart, and once in a while two little lines appeared between the tracks where he or she had dragged a cloven hoof. It was super cool. Soon after, our trail made a sharp turn, and then we were actually following along in the moose tracks. We didn't meet up with the moose, but we did scare up a couple of grouse and a deer out from her bed under a spruce tree. Oh, yeah, and a mottled brown and white bunny.

Coming home, we met up with the very same snowmobilers who asked permission to cut across our land! Super nice people – grandparents, grown kids, and a 3-year-old girl. They admired Grace and Aaralyn for their good nature. They were not horse people, but they were thrilled to meet up with us. They inquired about AhD’s curly coat, so I got to explain about the breed. AhD nuzzled the little girl, who turned out to be a horse lover, so we gave her a pony ride. I am soooo happy with my buddy Didsy!


  1. That was fun - I felt like I was right there with you in the video! Lots of hard work - but very cool!

    Great job!

  2. LOVED the picts and the video Susan!! Looking thru your Didder's like looking thru my twenty-eight y/o KAllie-girls!! Totally made my heart smile! Awsome Job!

  3. Susan! I love that horse ear perspective so much!! What a wonderful day and what a great horse indeed! Best Caren

  4. Thank you Deb, Krissy and Caren, I am glad you liked coming along with me! Hmmm...looks nice out there again, time for the long johns and fleece! :)

  5. This was so fun, Susan. Didder seems to really be listening to your encouragement! I loved watching the videos! So pretty!! The sky is so blue...thanks for taking us along on your ride! It was fabulous! Thanks Didder too!


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